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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twist and groom

Kitties it is important to maintain flexibility as you age. I am over eleven now, but you can see that daily practice has helped me keep supple.
It is important to groom all those hard to reach parts, so join me in a twist and groom.
Lynettea is still worried about me, as I threw up last night. She gave me a dose of my furball medication. I threw up some grass today too. Maybe it is just furballs.
Jai tried to swipe me when I was out for my walk. He was lurking near the gate to my enclosure and as Lynettea opened it he managed to sneak in before she could stop him. He bounded around my fishpond looking at the fish. Fortunately the fish hid under the waterlily leaves, or Jai might have swiped them. Lynettea managed to pick him up and put him out. He protested all the time with a low growling. Lynettea couldn't understand what he was saying and I didn't tell her, as it wasn't very nice.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

feeling a lot better

Thank you to all my friends for your wishes. I am sure they have helped my recovery. Lynettea took me back to my veterinary surgeon on Friday, as I was throwing up and she was worried. The vet took me off my tablets and gave me an injection. My temperature had gone down and also the nasty swelling. We had to stand on the lawn for a long time waiting for the taxi back. I thought it would never come. Lynettea kept fussing at me.
The picture shows me back to my usual intellectual pursuits, checking that Lynettea has filled out the Sudoku puzzles correctly. After that I can help her to select the best bits from the newspaper to read to me. She can't get at it until I have finished checking the Sudoku. Sometimes she is a little impatient. Impatience is a common fault of all our human pets. We kitties soon learn to be tolerant of our human(s), otherwise our lives would be a misery.
My appetite is still not quite back to normal, except for special treat food. The unusual heat for October may be the cause of this.

Friday, October 19, 2007

resting to get better

I am still not feeling particularly well. I threw up some of my food and haven't eaten much. I am taking the tablets and hope that will make some difference. It is difficult to take the tablets as Lynettea is clumsy. I try to cooperate as best I can. The vet told her I would swallow the tablet if she jerked me up suddenly after putting the tablet into my mouth. Sometimes this works and sometimes I throw the tablet out.
She had several tries this morning before I swallowed and then she found a half tablet that I should have swallowed and put that into my mouth. I have had a lot of brushing to get rid of my loose furs and I haven't been out for a walk for several days now. It seems like forever that I have been lying here feeling not very well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still not feeling well

Thank you kitties for your wishes. Just reading your thoughtful messages cheered me up. I hope I recover soon and will be able to make a proper post with pictures. After the injection yesterday evening, I have had my first tablets this morning. They don't taste very nice, but Lynettea explained that I need to take them to get better. My back is very sore.
My veterinary surgeon thought it was awful that the WILDCAT sprang on me. Lynettea explained that we were just walking quietly on the lead enjoying the cool evening air. I am not allowed to go out until my back isn't sore. I am very civilized and don't roam around attacking other kitties. Although we do chase them if we see them, but just to have a look, not scratch and bite.
A lot of cats are yowling around this area at night now. I usually have to spend quite a bit of time going from window to window to patrol what is going on. I feel too sick to do this now.
I spent some time on Lynettea's clothes in the cupboard this morning before she carefully picked me up and placed me in the sunshine on the windowsill.
I am really not feeling up to my usual self.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am not feeling well

I am not feeling at all well. Lynettea took me in a taxi to my veterinary surgeon and he told her I had a temperature of 40, which is very high. He felt my back and I jumped and miaouwed. There were a lot of big dogs there. One came in the waiting room and put its giant head right up to the bars in my cat carrier. I sank down and stayed very quiet. The WILDCAT, which sprang on me and sunk in its claws had caused an infection. It isn't an abcess yet, which is good. I had an injection and I have to swallow one and a half tablets of medicine every morning and night until the course is finished.
I hope I feel better tomorrow. I am not well enough to post a picture. It is as much as I can do to get a paw to the keyboard to type this message. I think I had better go and rest now.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Adventure

Pausing in my grooming to tell you of an adventure I had last night. Lynettea had taken me out for my walk (wearing my diamond studded halter, as usual), when I spied a cat at the end of the street. A quick run along the pavement, Lynettea struggling to keep up, she needs to exercise more, and I was able to stare through the railings at a rather large grey cat. As I turned away the WILDCAT ran out of its yard and sprang onto my back. I wasn't at all flustered and was preparing to give it as good as it gave, when Lynettea gave out the most fearful hissing and shrieking, so the WILDCAT, which must have been terrified, let go and dashed away. Lynettea made me go straight home. We couldn't even stop for a sniff here and there. Then she checked me carefully all over for scratches. I lost several tufts of fluff, but nothing else. Lynettea said she could see now why Russians have such thick fur. I sat on her lap for a good while so she could pat and groom me.

Monday, October 8, 2007

My birthday gift

This is my birthday present. I ask you kitties, is this an appropriate gift for an eleven year old cat? I didn't have the heart to say that to Lynettea, as she was obviously so pleased with her gift and she made so many efforts to get me to 'use' the creature. She picked up my front paws and tried to put them on the funny rope surface, but I wriggled away. She then scratched at it with her puny claws, making a scritching noise, along with a thumping noise as the 'mouse' hit against the fence. Well, I gave up in disgust and went into the bathroom for a bit of peace and quiet. I sat on the padded laundry box, which is an ideal place for a bit of contemplative reflection. When I had sat for a while, musing about my lifetime experience, I felt a fraction less tense.

Tomorrow is always another day, I thought, and perhaps we will go outside and I shall have the chance to sit in a bit of spring sunshine.