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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here I am basking on my upstairs balcony. I like it up here where I can spread out and relax. I feel each limb drenched with heat. Today it is rather hot though and I ended up lying down on the table under my beach umbrella and then at last I went inside to lie down on my pure woollen rug on the lounge, while I supervise Lynettea on the computer.

Maybe she will give up soon and get me some crispies to eat. You can get a better idea of how high up I am looking at this picture. The roof is specially designed to protect me from sunburn. I have to be up high to supervise the fish. They are inclined to be a little unruly and make loud splashing noises in my pond.

The noise of the fountain is quite relaxing as it plunges through the reeds. You can see some of my giant cannas in the background behind the trellis. The trellis keeps out intruders. I can also see birds darting down into the birdbath from my grevillea plant. Lynettea says it gives me some stimulation to watch these birds. I worry about her.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 2010

Happy 2010 to everyone, Kitties and Humans reading my blog. I hope you have found some interesting things on my blog in 2009. I may post again before the year is finally over, but it is a bit late to wish you Merry Christmas now.
Lynettea and I raised some money for the WSPA program to save the bears who are used for bear baiting in Pakistan. I am proud of her for trying to do something for the animals. She made panda earrings from some beads she found and sold them to give the money. Mostly her friends bought them, I think, as they are also caring people who want to help animals. Let us think of all the animals less fortunate than we are and wish them the very best for 2010. I also hope humans become more caring for the other animals.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cool Panda

Panda Wang Wang in the Adelaide Zoo enjoying his airconditioned quarters. Lynettea thought this would be a good picture for me to post. Wang Wang and Funi have only been here a short while. I can't understand why there is so much fuss about them.

They don't even purr.
They have multi million dollar quarters to keep out of the sun when it is hot and to take a rest whenever they want.

Lynettea doesn't have a really good picture of Funi (foo nee) Lucky Girl.
Maybe she will get one soon.
You can also see some of their luxurious outside quarters in this picture. Funi has a tree to climb on and Wang Wang has a refrigerated rock. Pandas live by themselves in the wild bamboo forests in the mountains surrounding the Yangtze basin in China. Probably because they can't see very well through the bamboo thickets and have to spend all the time looking for other pandas. This is very tiring and they sit around a lot chewing on the bamboo and reflecting on Panda history.