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Saturday, February 17, 2007

More on Isaac Newton and Human Behaviour

More on Isaac Newton (previous post: Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton had a cat called Diamond? Lynettea heard it on a radio quiz show. He invented the cat flap, which is apparently his chief claim to fame.)

Lynettea tells me I am WRONG about Isaac Newton. His main claim to fame was not inventing the cat flap, but in failing to catch the apple when it fell from the tree. Now, that makes some sense. Who would want to catch an apple anyway. They don't even smell nice. I have seen Lynettea eating them UUGH!
What cat in their right mind would go out in a boat to save huge wet lumpy animals (whales), even if they had the most charming personalities in the world. The cats might get WET! Apparently some of these humans took shelter behind an iceberg by roping it to the boat to keep out of the wind. Lynettea was most impressed.
Just a note: Lynettea is surprised I have so many views.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy New Year (a bit late)

Happy New Year for 2007. This is a bit late, but I thought you might like to see my card. You will need to click on the card to see me lapping at my water. Lynettea made it for me from a drawing she did. The neon sign also sparkles.


Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today Lynettea brought me home two new wool mats from an Art Gallery. She told me she couldn't afford to buy the art works, so chose to buy the rugs for me instead. To reward her I decided to let her take a photo of me posing on the table. I have really taken to the mats. They are from the Animal Welfare.
Lynettea tells me that if something happens to her I can go to the Peppertree Cottage run by Animal Welfare. She had a look there and found a lot of elderly cats enjoying life. She said it is better than a nursing home for humans. Humans don't always have a very nice place to go when they are old. I think I would prefer to stay here, though.
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Thursday, February 8, 2007

A thoughtful moment

Pausing for a moment in the garden, I wonder about the meaning of life and then go back to more practical activities.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Well what a relief, no displaced cats have arrived yet. Lynettea didn't mention them this morning and there were a few crunchy treats last night (after I miaouwed a lot), so there are no food shortages yet. The weather is cooler today, so maybe we can get back to normal.

I haven't worked out yet how to make one of the little photos to put on my posts. Lynettea isn't much help, as she is tapping away at something else or going out somewhere.

I have managed to put a few links to my cat friends on my blog, so that is a step forward.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Thoughts on the FUTURE

Hello all you cats who have visited me. I will be sure to pay return visits as soon as I am able. It is too hot to go out today.
Besides I have a lot to think about.

This morning, as Lynettea was running back and forth with the bucket watering all the pot plants she kept muttering about "the anticipated mass movement of people that will be displaced by climate change".
I gathered she had been reading something in the sheets of newspaper that I perch on when I sit on the dining table.

When she moved on to mutter about "the austerities that will be imposed by drought" she made me nervous. I hope this doesn't mean there will be no more soft centred crunchy food treats and a crowd of displaced cats around my food bowl.

These thoughts so alarmed me that I ran in and crouched on top of her jackets in the wardrobe until Lynettea pulled me out and forced me to go for a walk.

She said "You must face the WORLD Diamond! It is no use hiding in a corner".

My thought: humans aren't making the best job of running the world anyway. Does she expect us cats to fix it all now they have made such a mess.
I hope we don't run into Kemiri while we are out. She is very cute, but probably dangerous.
One of Lynettea's photos from the ZOO. She thinks I am interested because it is another cat.


Friday, February 2, 2007

Morning musings

Today is a rest day after my experiences yesterday at the Vet. It is hot, so I am inclined to rest inside for a while and then spend some time lounging in the tray of my carpet covered scratching post under my pergola.
You will notice that I am posting in my own name now. It is a bit of a wrestle with the computer keyboard, but I have to develop some independence if I am to share my musings with you. Lynettea is always urging me to use my brain.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


This morning I was startled from slumber by lynettea and rudely thrust into my cat carrier. She had donned a sturdy coat and was so swift that I had no time to gather myself up for the usual struggle, so I voiced my disapproval all the way in the taxi.
Lynettea kept apologizing to the taxi driver and making supposedly soothing noises. I was even more dismayed when the door to the vet's house was opened by the servant of a large brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Fortunately the DOG was leaving.
We had to wait some time before our appointment. Lynettea kept pointing out to me 'the lovely quiet ginger cat' being fondled by its attendants on the opposite bench, but I wasn't impressed.
After the usual indignities and jabs from the Vet, he told lynettea that he had never seen me in better health.
I have now retired to my futon. Lynettea tried to interest me in various current issues, such as the fate of the Murray River, but I have had enough for today and need a rest.