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A restful time

Is SantaPaws coming?

New Blog Look

Watching TV



Just wondering


Her work

My help.YOU want MY help!

My toys?

An old photo of me

Do you think blue bear is trying to look after me?

You woke blue bear

At rest on the futon

Hot day

Free books of haiku for download. Not of cats

Who is this toy for?

Labour Day

Sasha has Woken

My Day

Sasha the Model Cat

Summer is coming

Beautiful Sasha

View of the climate action rally

Great. You're back

Good Luck

Sleeping for Climate Change

Listening to cello

Going out on a sunny day

High Up

Me in my hammock

me as part of a mountain range

Relaxation day at the beginning of spring

Who is the Guardian?

Am I Cuddly?