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Saturday, December 22, 2007

beautiful card from Adan our friend and Michico our friend

We received a beautiful card from Adan with his photo, looking magnificent. There are also sparkly Christmas decorations on the card and it is splendid beyond belief. Thank you Michico and Adan. We look at it all the time and it is on the dresser in the kitchen, with Adan's portrait, which Lynettea put in a nice frame for me.
I am lucky to have such generous friends from across the world. Lynettea doesn't have as many friends across the globe as I do. She is a bit jealous, I think.
I try to say encouraging things to her such as, "Lynettea you are a lovely person at heart and I appreciate you very much." This makes her feel a bit better. I also like to give her a bit of a cuddle sometimes to show her my affection. I need to remind her if I need some more crispies in my plate too and I butt my head against her. She thinks this is affection, but it is just a reminder to do her duty.
We have animal news on our blog now from Discovery channel. We thought this would be a good idea to let us catch up on what is happening across the world to our interspecies friends.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

thank you

Thank you my friends for your best wishes. I threw up again this evening and Lynettea is trying to give my stomach a rest. I went out on my halter with her and ate a lot of grass and then threw up again. She decided not to give me crispies for a bit, but I was so hungry I started biting off chunks of newspaper and then eating the tail of one of my numerous toy mice. I usually don't take any notice of them. So she gave me a small group of crispies. Then I sat on her lap for a while and then had a bit of a sleep.

I hope I am well soon. I got Lynettea to send a special Christmas hamper to my friend Jim in England today. Jim and Vi helped my mother bring me up when I was little, before I went to Lynettea to look after her. I was three months of age when I was considered old enough to go into the wide world and start my job supervising a human. Not very old for a small kitten to be on his own.

A lot of small kitties are looking for a human to look after this Christmas. Lynettea showed me a story about them in the newspaper this morning. I hope they find a human to look after.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Diamond hasn't been feeling well and is resting. He has been throwing up and went to the vet. His blood tests are normal for a cat of his age (eleven). Hopefully he will be back to posting and visiting his friends soon.