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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Old is new again

It is true that I hadn't used this particular cosy for nearly a year, but that was no excuse for Lynettea to fill it with plastic bags for recycling. I didn't say anything at the time, but after she took them out yesterday I looked at the cosy in a new light.
Maybe it wasn't as unattractive as I had thought. It looked inviting. Last night was cool, so I hopped in. Cosy and private and hidden.
It took her ages to find me this morning.
And now we are being deafened by sparrows attacking the grapes .  It will be more peaceful to stay in bed.

Friday, December 29, 2017

8 year review

Should we go back tthrough our posts for the year and review our activities and then think of some resolutions for 2018? That would be like doing an 8 year review for a cat and I haven't the energy.
I could make some resolutions for Lynettea.  That might be a good move. A code of acceptable behaviour, for example. I could have a system of rewards and punishments.
On the other hand I might just have a sleep in.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Why use your post when there is a chair handy?
I like a tidy post or two, as they  are my furniture. Lynettea tried to bandage some parts of the chairs today, but she ran out of tape.
'Diamond kept these chairs in good order for 16 years, Sasha! Look at them now!'
She only noticed when she sat on one yesterday.  They are covered with rugs.
'These chairs are all sagged in now, Sasha'
Don't carry on. I like them. Anyway aren't they mine?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

End of a hot day

Here I am lounging in my enclosure at the end of a hot day. I spent most of the time in my bus seat cave and then on the observation deck. Now it is time for grooming furs. My Hessian bag rug is comfy. It used to be a wool sack but the sheep stopped using it a long time ago.
After grooming it will be time to supervise the fish at their dinner.
They are at the bottom of the pond, but will rise up when they detect food.

Smile, Sasha

Well, it is the usual scenario. Camera (mobile phone - not even a proper camera) stuck in my face: 'Give Mummy a smile, Sasha!'
My Mummy, where is she? I haven't seen her since I was a kitten. Oh. You mean Human Mummy.
I prefer to sleep, thanks.  It is going to be hot and I need my rest. All that stress over the holidays has left me exhausted.
'What stress, Sasha?'
I visited many cat friends's blogs and there was the unsolved mystery of the curtain rod falling on my bed. Previous to that the car fire and my tail jammed in the door...
'I am sorry you are upset, Sasha.'

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

wild night

I was up very early. Lynettea came out of the bedroom, where I am not allowed to sleep, to find me miauwing in the hall at 6 am.
'What is wrong, Sasha?' she asked. 'I have left your food out and your window is open.'
She didn't bother to properly check things and went back into the bedroom, shutting the door in my face before I could rush in.
Later this morning she found the curtain rod lying over my bed. No wonder I was upset!
'Are you okay, Sasha?' Pat, pat, kiss, kiss, rubbing top of head, concerned tone in the voice.
Why didn't she think of this before?
Then it was, 'I wonder how that curtain rod fell down? The wind? No that's not possible.  A cat climbing up the Venetian blinds? How could he do that? A cat leaping on the pelmet from the shelves and pawing at it?'
I guess she will never know. I am now having MY sleep in.
p.s. Bear got a bit uppity, so I threw him on the floor.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas with Bear

Bear and I had a nice Christmas.
I have a houseful of toys, games, rugs, play areas etc.
So I had a thorough massage and brush and tossed bear around a bit.  I think he enjoys that.  Lynettea made a fuss of him, as she knows he is special. So I had to let her know that he really belongs to me.
She can have all the other  bears except mine.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Christmas

cat on my headI have finally managed to make my Christmas Card for kitties. I made it on Canva by projecting my ideas at Lynettea. She is a slow learner and not at all telepathic, so took her some time. My photo helped her come up with some ideas.

we have made this into the Christmas blog hop, but our image didn't take!

blog hop from The Cat on My Head

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A quiet day - so far

Kitties might think the drama of my life is exaggerated. But I find having my tail wounded on one day and a car catching fire opposite my house the next night is very stressful. Of course my life is very comfortable in general and I should not complain. I am not a homeless kitty or living in a war zone, or the path of a tsunami.
Nevertheless it is nice to have a rest day from excitement.
Thank goodness the fire engine came and puffed out the car flames before it exploded.
Here I am resting in my cosy.
Happy Tuesday!

A big fire

Tonight a car caught fire over the road. It was scary.

Monday, December 18, 2017

My accident

I am feeling better now, but still traumatised and suspicious. Lynettea tried to take my photo for this post, but I sprang up and rushed outside, even though it is raining.
Last night she caught my sensitive tail in the sqeezy part of the door and then spent a long time apologising.
I might sleep outside again tonight. My enclosure is dry and I can sit in the tray on top of one of my scratching posts.
I am still feeling very wary.
And it did hurt, a lot.
No picture, thanks.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A New Fad

After disturbing me around midday by taking more photos, Lynettea decided I needed de-stressing.
'What about a nice massage, Sasha! Come up on my lap. I'll sit on the lounge.'
I like a cuddlie, so up I sprang. First of all a thorough brush with the massage brush and then the baby brush. Still a lot of furs coming out. Is she going to knit a sweater with them?
'Just rest there, Sasha. Put your little head on my arm. That's it! Relax. Relax. Clear your mind of all your worries.'
She has been staring at me constantly, although by now she must know this is rude.
She remembers and blinks slowly at me. I blink back and then close my eyes gently.
'Relax, Sasha. Let your thoughts drift ... drift. Outwards. You have no worries.'
Strokes my forehead from my elegant nose to the area between my ears. Stroke, stroke. My eyes are shut.
'Are you asleep, Sasha? Just relax, relax.'
At last the session is over. She looks much more relaxed. I ease myself up. I suppose I will be expected to give relaxation therapy all the time now.

So it is Saturday

A restless night. Bear fell off the bed. I patrolled the house for intruders at intervals. The human slept.
Now the sun is coming in. My front window is still open, although we are safe because we have security bars on it. Cool air is flooding through and drifting over my futon.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Bear and Me

Bear and me, we are just settling down for the night. I am helping bear crawl onto my summer bed, when we are startled by a flashie.
She won't let us alone, even this late in the evening.
Switch off the light! It's bedtime!


Doesn't she realize that after breakfast a cat needs some time for quiet reflection?
'Your eyes were shut, Sasha.'
I reflect on the state of the world with my eyes shut. That is the best way. Then I don't get so stressed.
'I thought you were asleep! I was going to take a photo of you peacefully asleep on the bed, before pushing you off so I could make it.'
So now we get the real agenda. Pushing the pet around. Why do human rights always come in front of rights for cats?
'I do love you, Sasha! I really do. But I like to make the bed...'
That's what I mean. What is most important: a tidy house or a comfortable cat?I get the picture.
'Well you can stay for a little while. And then I really have to...'
We'll see.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Taking a Break

As a writer my life is busy. Taking a break, I stretch out on my mock grass and relax.
Lynettea is making a strange noise to attract my attention.


Monday, December 11, 2017

welcome to a relative

If this cat is the cat of Lynettea's great niece, what relative is he of mine? Is he my great grand nephew? Nelson lives in Queensland. He has a full coat of fluffy grey furs.
Welcome Nelson!

My inheritance

When Lynettea was grooming me today, she took out my special brush that I inherited from Diamond. He used it for 16 years, so the fronds have all clumped together.  Usually I just use my purple massage brush and the new baby brush that I have had since I was a kitten.
It is special to have inherited a brush.
'Diamond left it for you,' Lynettea told me. 'He wanted you to have it.'
How does she know that, I wonder?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Beetles invade my enclosure

Beetles are flying into my outdoor area. I am trying to catch them. I brought one inside the house and Lynettea took it out. Then another one flew in and disappeared. Where have they come from? Many beetles, all flying and darting.  I will be frantic all night. The life of a guard cat is not easy.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

What's that, Bear?

Bear thinks he is helping me, but I don't need advice on how to groom myself.
Now he says he is trying to keep me warm.
I don't know why Lynettea stuck him beside my cosy, as I put him on the floor in the hallway last night. She thinks he is company for me. Is that some peculiar human mindset?
Why would I rely on an inanimate object for company?
Humans are just weird!
A good thing I have my cat blogging kitty friends to keep me sane!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I rang the bell

After I rang the bell, Lymettea rushed out to find out what I needed. But I didn't need anything in particular. I rang it a few more times and then curled up again.
It is good to keep the human servant alert.
I was reclining on my upstairs observation post, wondering what to say in an article Lynettea requested me to write, on why cats live with humans. I am still thinking about it, but after my last feed, I am now feeling a bit sleepy...

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Don't touch me!

Just because I let you sit near me on the bed doesn't mean you can edge your legs against my furs.
So you don't have enough room?
I need room too. Ever thought of that?

Saturday, November 25, 2017

end of a long day

But of course I will soon be on night patrol.
It is alright for some who sleep at night, safe because of us who guard.
When I took her out for walkies today, she got the padlock twisted in the gate, so we couldn't get in. I had to take her round to the front to get her safety locking device open and extract keys to get in the front door. She remembered the code, even though we haven't used it for a long time. Then she remembered how to open it. What a shemozzle!
I kept wrenching on the lead to keep her alert. Fortunately I have my wits about me, or we might be outside still.

Actually I wouldn't mind going out now  to check on the lizards...

Pausing to reflect

A refreshing summer morning nap on my bed. Waking up again after my early morning meal, I reflect on what life has to offer.  Will it be a day of peace and calm?
'It's Pageant Day, dear Sasha. People will be walking up and down the street, just outside.'
But it is lovely and quiet now. Except for the occasional bird squawk and dog yap.
Back to sleep for a while, I think.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Best Cat

She keeps calling me 'best cat' as if we were on a movie set. Sometimes I think we are. My life is the stuff of movies. 'Sasha the Wonder Cat to the Rescue'. That would be a good title. I might get to be as popular as 'Lassie'.
And I was just trying to play with the gecko that I put on the bed last night. There was no need to pick it up so quickly. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bear keeps me company

Lynettea thought it was amusing that I had brought Bear to rest near me in my summer bed. He is a bit of company for me, since I have to sleep in my own room.

I also have a new cushion with lovely crackly plastic bags inside.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

why do I go wild?

When we have a game I sometimes go wild. I leap around the house, slash at Lynettea from my bookcase, climb up the wall hanging, get on her bed and wave my claws at her.   She says it is wild and naughty to do this and I am a crazy thing.
But I must. I feel the compulsion. She wants to know what sets me off.

Monday, November 13, 2017

birds or flowers?

Are these birds or flowers? They have bird-like heads with beaks.