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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

We are waiting for 2016 together.
Lynettea fell asleep, but I miaouwed and woke her up.
I know she won't want to miss it. It is still hot, at 11:10 pm. I could take Lynettea out hunting, but we both know she isn't very good at it. I wouldn't want to humiliate her at the start of a new year.
Happy New Year to everyone.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Using my Christmas Gift

Today I decided to use my new gift, which is a soft cosy under my bus seat shelter in my enclosure.
Lynettea decided to de-fluff the under-the-bed area where my previous  gift cosy is located. I was sitting there and came out of the cosy and helped her for a while.
 I had a game with several ping pongs that were lurking under the bed and also a few ornaments. Fortunately they didn't break when they fell to the floor.
Lynettea said I was her special little helper and friend.
Here is my new cosy location. You can't see  me really well, as it is too dark with my shadecloth shelter pulled down.
There is also a picture of me lounging upstairs on one of my viewing platforms from yesterday, when the temperature was cooler.

Friday, December 25, 2015

My gift to Lynettea

In all the excitement for Christmas, I didn't mention that Lynettea loved my gift to her. I made it on the Internet, so when  the postman brought it neither of us had seen  it.
It is a desk calendar called 'Sasha's Activity Calendar for 2016'. It has lots of pictures of me, so she can see all my activities, month to month.
I am glad I spent all that time working on it.
I just gave her a special Christmas snuggle, too.
Here is the first page and my picture  on the front.
Lynettea suggested I might feature a page each month on my blog, so she must like it.

Santa did come last night

I must have fallen asleep when Santa  came. I was busy eating breakfast when Lynettea brought out our gifts. Santa had hidden them. I could hardly wait for them to be opened. I sprang on the  table and knocked one of Lynettea's gifts  to the floor, but couldn't manage to get it from the packet.
Then Lynettea found the gift Santa left me. I thought I wasn't getting an extra gift, as I already had one.
'Santa saw you were enjoying your gift so much, Sasha, that he decided to bring you an extra one,' Lynettea told me. How would she know that?
It was a beautiful soft cosy, the same as my under-the-bed cosy.
I will put this one under the bus seat in your enclosure, Sasha,' said Lynettea.
I like to go there, but there is only a cardboard  piece to sit on.

Waiting to see what happens next

Maybe nothing. What was all the hype for? I waited up for Santa, but no sign.
Lynettea says, ' You  must have shut your eyes, Sasha.'
Here I am waiting on the bed for my special Christmas morning photos.
Nothing much is happening. Will I go to sleep?

Happy Christmas morning

I fell asleep on the lounge. Then I woke up and went outside. It was already Christmas morning. I couldn't tell if Santa had come and it was still dark, with the dawn just getting lighter. Lynettea woke up and came outside and then she went in and shut all the windows and doors.
'It is getting hot,' she said. I am going back for a snooze. And she went and lay down. I decided to lie on the sofa again, as I couldn't find any gifts.
Then I had a look at the Santa tracker and he was delivering in Europe. Had he missed us   altogether?
We didn't put out any cookies  or milk or reindeer treats like carrots. Maybe he thought we were too mean. I lay down again on the sofa and thought of how disappointed Lynettea would be. I would have to give her a special snuggle.

Santa tracker

We just visited the official Santa tracker website and it looks as if Santa will be here before long.
Lynettea says we have to go to bed. That isn't fair. She can go to bed. I am going to stay outside on my sofa in my enclosure. I get a good view  from there.
I am not expecting any gifts, as I got mine early. Lynettea hid away a gift  she bought with money from her sister. She will get a nice surprise from my gift.
Happy Christmas everyone .

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Unappreciated gift

This was not my official Christmas gift. That is stored in the wardrobe until Christmas Day. But as a sign of my  appreciation  I dropped a small lizard tail in the bedroom. I found it where  the lizard had shed it in my enclosure. Lynettea put it outside. She was not appreciative. Quite  the  opposite.
I hardly know why I bother. After all it is work for me, collecting these small tokens.
If I collected a lot, she could make lizard stew. Her friends might like that on Boxing Day, much more nourishing  than the vegan  food she is planning to offer.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

the postman calls

Yesterday the postman brought my gift for Lynettea. I had told her to put any parcels in the wardrobe and she was good about doing that. She hasn't any idea what it is. I wonder if she will think it is from Santa? In a way that would be disappointing, after all my work.
I am not too proud to have my works praised and it is nice to be thanked.

waiting for Lynettea to put the parcel away
After a hard day sleeping under the bed, I doze off on the sofa

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Christmas Card

This card is done with the help of 
Lynettea mucked around in her Illustrator program with it to add the type and the border and the grass. I asked for the grass in particular, as it is more appropriate for cats than holly. 

After play: Sunday selfie

After a session playing with my sunbear, I rest. The stripes suit me, I think. I like to be camouflaged. In case you are wondering, I got Lynettea to click the camera so I could show off my flexibility. I think she has put the camera a bit too far away, but that is the best I can do with the inefficient help available.

this is a blog hop from The Cat on My Head

trying out sleeping on the bed with my human

But according to her it does not work. She let me stay in the bedroom early this morning, but after I tested her foot with my clawsies, she put me in the hall. I waited there on the alert for ages until she decided it was time to get up. I knew she would not sleep properly after shutting me out.
Now I am dreaming under the bed again. For some reason I find this a relaxing place during the day. Then I am thoroughly refreshed and ready for the night's vigorous activities.

Rain falling

Rain has fallen on the plants and the air is getting cooler. Lynettea opened the windows so I can feel a cooler breeze coming in to the house, which is still hot.
Gutters in the street are running, but we don't expect a lot of rain.
I am looking out the window.
I want to go out.
But it is raining.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hi Kitties, we are on the coast. And it is still really hot.
 Four days over 40C (104F) degrees in December is a record. 43C today (109F). 
Who could believe it could be so hot this early in Summer. Fires are burning here and in Victoria and even in NSW, where the heat hasn't really got too hot yet. 
We are hoping for a cool day tomorrow of 26C (79F)
I am waiting for Lynettea to finish this and play with me. 

Walkies in the heat

I was snuggling down in my under-the-bed cosy this morning when Lynettea started waving my halter around and asking me to come out while it was  still 'nice and cool'.
She said she had just sprayed water around the garden.
Reluctantly I edged my way out and let her buckle on the halter. The bushes were dripping and a bunch of little birds were splashing in the birdbath. The chattered away to one another when they saw me and flew off.
My heart just wasn't in it. I sniffed at the catnip plants looming over the path and decided to go back in. When we got back inside I heard the weather report saying it was 38C. (100F)
We are expecting 44C (111F).
Back under the bed for me.

Friday, December 18, 2015

another day under the bed

I must say I am enjoying my early Christmas present of the cosy under the bed. I have used it more than other presents I have been given in the past. Lynettea says it is like sharing the house with a shift worker. At night I am up and about, often outside in my enclosure. During the day, I head straight under the bed.
I am not allowed into the bedroom when Lynettea is sleeping there. She is worried I will claw at her and wants the bed to herself. This is purely selfish behaviour.
I brought her a beetle visitor when she was getting ready for bed last night and dropped it near her feet on the floor. She showed no desire to play with it. She went out into the laundry without saying, 'Good Sasha.'
 So I ran outside with it before she could return. Usually she tries to restore anything I want to the wild. She says the creatures should be living their lives in their natural habitat. I think she means the garden.
It is really hot again today. I think Lynettea is going out to the shop. Why?

this is me in part of my adventure playground

Thursday, December 17, 2015

shopping at night

It was so hot today that I had to let Lynettea go down the street to do her supermarket  hunting at night. At least it was not quite night, but late on a summer day. She was surprised that few people were there. The checkout lady told her there had been a nasty accident in the afternoon, with water pouring from the glass atrium roof onto the pretty  clothes and shoes in one store and all over the Wendys' icecreams in another. Then the water  ran down the escalators and stopped them  working.
where did the  water come from?
I was glad to see her home safe.

Under the bed in the heatwave

Lynettea just went out into the garden to throw some water over the lettuce and other plants They have been watered this morning, but some are cringing in the hot air. It is 42C outside at 3 pm. That is 107.6 F, for those who use that temperature system. The next two days are forecast the same and yesterday was not much different.
Tourists are being warned at the airport about the extreme conditions, we heard on the news. They will need to stay in air conditioned places like the art gallery and museum or shops etc. or drive around in air conditioned buses and taxis.
Lynettea told me she is going to walk to her exercises class shortly. I hope she manages to get there and back. Otherwise who will feed me and look after my wants and needs?
I am going to stay in my cosy under the bed. One of Lynettea's friends was here earlier, so I retired.  They tried to see me by shining the torch under the bed, and the friend could see my eyes sparkling from the darkness. I didn't feel like coming out. Maybe when might comes?
Here I am trying to get warm in a beam of sunshine. It must have been winter.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Another day of heat. Maybe I will get a chance to look at the blogs of my furriends. I usually don't get a chance.

Monday, December 14, 2015

From my secret Place

I am sending this message from my secret hiding place. For an early Christmas gift, Lynettea  brought me a special cat cosy  from Santa's sack. She found Santa had dropped it off at the Pet Store for me early, as he was  concerned that I am getting nervous and hiding under the bed.
'At least you will be comfy in that, instead of crouching on the cold floorboards,' she said to me.
This morning two men came from the  air conditioning  company to see if the air conditioner  was  working okay. I ran straight into my new hiding place. Lynettea shut the bedroom door, so they could not get in to frighten and annoy me.
I would prefer  it if we had no visitors, I think. Or at least, only people I already know and like.
These  are pictures of me looking sweet. In case you are wondering, I don't have to practice these poses; they  are completely natural.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Making a gift

I have made a gift for Lynettea for Christmas. I hope she will really appreciate all the effort I took in making the gift. It was a lot of work. First of all, I prepared all year by having interesting activities and getting Lynettea to take some flattering photos of me. As I couldn't take 'selfies', this was essential. Often she would snap the picture when I had just moved, which is very frustrating, as any kitty would know. We run into this problem all the time with humans. I don't think they have very quick reflexes.
After all these efforts, I spent time compiling the photos into an interesting collection and made a calendar for her, called: Sasha's Activity Calendar 2016. It is being printed for me and sent to me personally from an on-line store that does projects like calendars, books and cards. Once it arrives, I will need to distract her attention so I can put it in the cupboard. Otherwise it won't be a surprise.
After all that work, I think I need a rest.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Do you think She wants to be a cat?

I have more fun. I chase the fly around the room, leaping up high onto cabinets, knocking aside ornaments, balancing on slippery wooden slopes. I bolt down the corridor. I spring up the hanging. I am strong, I am invincible, I am young and in my prime.
Of course she wants to be a cat. Why did I never think of that before.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

am I useless?

I sit around or lie around while she does the housework and hunts in the supermarket for our foods. Am I useless?
Yesterday I sat for a while in the garden under the crab apple tree. This is a nice place to sit, as it is in the corner of the garden near the fence and it has sheltered, shady and soft places to sit, where one cannot be seen.
I stayed there for a long time, resting and even drowsing.
Then Lynettea came out calling for me. Apparently I am not supposed to go out there by myself. That shows how much notice she was taking of me. Then she decided to put my halter on and said she would sit out in the garden with me.
I ask you!
I decided to go in and headed straight for my snacks. As you may have gathered, I was locked out.
We had an inspection walk in the evening down the street. A dog came past and I gazed at it through my picket gate.
Its human said the dog was frightened of cats. It was cringing when it saw me, although I am not at all intimidating.
In fact I am a gentle and loving cat.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I am bolting all over the house tonight. Lynettea says I am over excited. What does that mean? I leaped from the top shelf of the bookcase onto my tall scratching post and it tipped over 'dangerously' before it rocked back. Never mind, I was already on the floor, rushing down the corridor, knocking off cushions.
Oh! Lynettea has just discovered what I am running after. A fly dashed in front of the computer screen buzzing furiously. She thinks maybe I succeeded in batting it with my paws.
I am looking behind the blind now to see if I can relocate it. Is that a shadow. Now she is telling me off because I can't find it. I push at the blind again. Now I hook my paw between the slats. No fly.
Back on the floor, I stalk around the fallen cushions. Then I am on the alert again, sitting on the sofa.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Sad Announcement

A little while ago, Lynettea's great niece in Queensland sent some photos of one of Diamond's oldest friends, who had recently travelled to the Rainbow Bridge, at the age of twenty, which is a great age for a cat. We are very sad for his human family.
Sanka was older than Lynettea's great niece. He was her guardian for the whole of her life and the companion of her mother from when he was a kitten.
 Lynettea met Sanka when he was younger and thought he was a lovely cat. Sanka wrote some letters to Diamond about his life and Diamond wrote some messages in return. Those were the days when a lot of messages went by snail mail rather than email.
Sanka even sent a drawing of his paw to Diamond and a beautiful pencil portrait that we have hanging on the wall. The drawing was by Lynettea's great niece.
Such a long and generous life is worth celebrating, so we are posting the pictures here.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

preparing to make a sad announcement

Here I am gathering myself together and trying to relax. For a young cat, I have heavy responsibilities. Shortly, I have a sad announcement to make on behalf of Diamond. As you all know, I have tried to take on his workload, but it is difficult to fill such

large footprints.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Author at Rest

Even I need a pause. Here I am captured in repose after a session working with my human on my computer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

why do humans and cats live together?

That is a good question. I think it is because cats have paws and sensitive noses and humans have hands. If cats had hands they couldn't run around fast doing all the things they need to do, such as guarding the house from vermins.
'Vermin, Sasha.'
She is always trying to 'correct' me. I thought there was more than one vermin.
And when they catch a vermin, they tear it with their sharp teethypegs.
What are hands useful for? Hands are good for opening packets of cat food.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stories from The Pond Fish

We had a sad event a few weeks ago. One of our family passed on. After that We Fish dived down into The Pond and did not come up, even to eat, for some days. On the night she finally went to the Rainbow Bridge, We stayed close to her, supporting her and touching her gently with our fins. Lynettea tried her best by putting a remedy into The Pond, but it was no good. She told us that she thought that the frequent sudden changes in temperature (even freezing hail falling into the pond on one day and 34C temperatures a couple of days later) had not been helpful.
Our pond was densely covered with vegetation, but a lot of it died back and the water became  muddy. She has made  water changes and put in chemicals to restore the balance and We think the water is more tasty now.

A couple of nights ago We had a nasty fright. The Pond Fountain started spurting water over the edge of The Pond and gradually drained it lower and lower. We thought Sasha might have alerted Lynettea, but he didn't come outside to check on Us, as he usually does. The water got very low and We could hardly swim. Then Lynettea appeared and switched off the pump.
It took hours to slowly raise the level of the water again, without making the temperature change too suddenly.
Lynettea wondered why Sasha had not alerted her, as he is usually diligent in looking after us.
Then she found he had wandered into the bathroom and been shut in. She has made sure the fountain is very low now. We rely on Dragon to pour his waterfall on us and we don't really need the fountain.

Fortunately we are all okay and, swimming in the fresh water, we feel invigorated.