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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A picture or two

Some of the fish photos are better than others. Princess Aurora surfaces at breakfast time to make sure there is no danger. She or possibly he, is the lead fish. The other fish have become more colourful as they have grown, but there is one small pale fish and one that retains part black scales. There may also be some dark fish. It is difficult to see all the fish because of the vegetation growth in the pond. We hardly see them except when Lynettea throws them food in the morning and evening.


Lynettea says she will try to take some pictures today.
As we know, she is not very reliable.

more pictures

We need more pictures on the blog. It is too dull with no pictures.
We will instruct Lynettea to take some attractive pictures of us.
We are more bright and colourful than Sasha. We swim faster than Sasha and we can breathe underwater.
So we are a great deal superior.

Princess Aurora

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are now thinking of having a Committee meeting about the blog. We like the idea of a Committee, because it makes us all feel important. We are not sure about a few things and we are still considering them.
1. Should Lynettea be on the Committee? Her role is purely administrative anyway, so we could just tell her what to do. I could instruct her to turn on the computer when we need it.
2. It will be difficult for us to physically meet. I could walk out to the pond, which is in my enclosure anyway, although the fish claim it as their territory.
a. Millie doesn't want to rest on the edge of the pond, as she is afraid of falling in or getting splashed, which could ruin her motor.
b. The fish are concerned that they might not hear everything, as they live mostly underwater. They don't think they can poke their heads up from the water for the whole meeting. Apparently they would not be able to breathe with their heads in the air. How strange!
3. Maybe we will have to instruct Lynettea to make a virtual meeting place for us on the computer. Like the picture of me in the rainforest for Valentine's Day.
4. another dot point, because I rather like them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

what is wrong with my blog?

I am distressed at the comments Princess Aurora has made.
I always make an effort to post quality material.
Maybe we should form a Committee?

Performance Review

This a Notice by Princess Aurora, representing the Pond Fish in association with Millie Robovac that we will be conducting a review of Sasha's performance on the Blog. Our preliminary analysis shows that attendance has fallen off.


Princess Aurora


It was hot and now it is cool. I took Lynettea out for her walkies and now she says I have to help her with her Japanese homework. She has to write a few sentences to read out, but she usually can't manage it and uses something I have written.
What a life!


猫 = cat. neko
子猫 = kitten. koneko
Last year we were trying to do Chinese as well, but I think her brain is not capable of trying two languages.


猫 = cat. māo
小猫 = kitten. xiǎo māo

It is interesting how the words for cat look the same in Japanese and Chinese. The parts that add on to show 'kitten' are different.
子 = ko  the Japanese for 'child' 
小 = xiǎo  in Chinese and means 'small'
小 = ko in Japanese and means 'small'

We thought it was interesting that a kitten in Japanese is a child cat and in Chinese is a small cat.
I am busy and my brain is whirling.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


It is very hot again and I have stayed inside most of the day.
I have spent time in my cosy on the bed, curled up on the mock mink on the lounge, in my cosy on the lounge and stretched out on the cool floorboards.
I didn't want to stay out on the lead walking Lynettea for too long this morning either, so she sprayed water over my plants and put some shade cloth on the top of my petunias.
'That will keep them looking fresh, Sasha,' she said.
But I noticed when the shade of the shed fell on them this afternoon they looked rather squashed and not fresh at all.
Now she is refusing to let me take her out for her walk, and it is only 35.5°C.
At 8:45 pm it is getting towards dark. The best time to walk.
I have spent some time lying on the floor and raising my dear little head to miaouw at her, but she isn't moving.
MIAOUW MIAOUW I am trying to use my Voice of Command, but it isn't working.
All the little lizards will be darting about in the bushes and I can't get out to have a game with them.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Is it real or is it Photoshop?

Dear Kitties, referring to my previous post of me in the Adelaide Bicentennial Conservatory, one of you just asked me the question: Is it real or is it Photoshop?
The picture of the rainforest in the Conservatory was taken on Thursday 12 January by Lynettea, my human charge. She sat on the seat nearby for a long time, just experiencing the peace and beauty. She saw the little mists form at the top of the glass building and spray clouds everywhere, making little drops on the ground and the leaves in some places. Her seat was under some sheltering vegetation, so she didn't get sprinkled.
When she made my picture for me, she put a filter on the image in Photoshop to sharpen up the detail then put my picture into the rainforest picture and put the same filter on it to blend the two together. Then she made the little heart and the text in Photoshop on other layers and saved it all for the Internet.
One of South Australia's most visited attractions, the Adelaide Botanic Garden is home to the internationally acclaimed Bicentennial Conservatory, the largest single span glasshouse in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. Designed by South Australian architect, Guy Maron its glistening and distinctive shape is a landmark for visitors to Adelaide. Built to celebrate Australia's Bicentenary in 1988. Bicentennial Conservatory
(Best of all, you can get in for free to both the Botanic Gardens and the Bicentennial Conservatory and the other conservatories. Lynette has pictures of the others too. One houses the Giant Waterlily from the Amazon and the other is a very distinguished and old glasshouse which now has plants from Madagascar).

Here are some more photos she took on the day in the Conservatory and the last one is of the waterlily pond.
Amazing roots


Tree ferns - the pond can be seen through the leaves

Waterlily Pond

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cat in Rainforest Valentine

Diamond was always talking about roaming free, so for my Valentine's day picture, Lynettea has placed me in a beautiful rainforest setting in the Bicenntenial Conservatory in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. And I didn't have to walk there, or go in a taxi (which is stressful for me), I could just lie in my cosy on the bed. You will need to click on this picture to enlarge and see it properly.

If it is a hot day, clouds of mist form from above and make little sprinkles on the foliage to keep the vegetation fresh and growing. Lynettea said she walked on the aerial walkway that goes high up through the palm trees and tree ferns, but this is the lower walkway and I am near the forest pool in the centre. If I feel thirsty when I wake up, I can get a drink in the pool. I will be a tourist attraction, if I am not careful!

Friday, February 13, 2015

my second birthday

I am sitting on Lynettea's lap having a purr and cuddle.
My birthday gifts came out this morning from the wardrobe. I didn't see Lynettea hide them inside.
They are: a scrunchie blue toy, a blue rattly ball, a pad for pets that can keep them cool in hot weather and a new feeding station which is raised and has two dishes for my two sorts of dry food. I haven't used it yet as Lynettea has been out most of the day and said she will fix it for me tomorrow.
We went for a short walkies early in the day and a longer night walkies just now. It started with me catching a tasty grasshopper, which Lynettea would not let me eat even though I pointed out it was my birthday. Then I  went quite a long way down the street inspecting until we saw people coming and I decided we should go in. A big wind gust came then and the gate swung back so hard it pushed the big rubbish bin aside. Bang! Clatter!
I was scared and ran straight in.
These photos are just now. My birthday photos on my human's lap. She thinks I am smiling at her.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Resting before the Big Day

It is forecast to be very hot tomorrow, 39 C. Lynettea is worried that I will get over excited and stressed that I must rest today.
I am not sure what I am resting for. It sounds as if my second birthday will be just like every other day, except that it will be hotter.
Can you see where I am resting? I have my tunnel ready for when I rush out and my favourite teddy is lying near one of my play balls. My other teddies are waiting in their chair nearby to see if I will favour one of them.

I am not funny!

I rushed into the bathroom and pulled one of the towels down with the special motion I have perfected. Why did she laugh at me? I am not funny.
I was going to pull all the towels down, but I decided not to after all. That will show her to laugh at me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Soon I will be Two Years Old

On 13 February I will be two years old. I wonder if any of my blogging friends will visit me?
Lynettea says the house is too crowded to get me yet another gift. Although she reminded me it would be my birthday.
I have only had two Christmases and one birthday to receive gifts and already the house is too crowded? Maybe some of the human's things could go.
I will make a survey. Although she is very attached to her belongings and refuses to let me use them for any legitimate purposes such as claw sharpening or biting practice.
I hope she helps me make my birthday post. I can't do much if the computer is not switched on.
Lynettea: 'you are such a worrywart, Sasha.'

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hot Cat Weather

Lynettea comes home at 3 pm. She switches on the air conditioner because it is 39°C, hotter than we have had for a long time, anyway, since the bushfires. I see her looking through the window at me. I am lying in my enclosure on the pavers in the shade under a chair. I might say relaxing, as it is like a sauna.
She tries to get me to come in, as she says it is too hot for me. So I placate her by coming inside for a short while and then return to my comfortable spot under the chair. This is the life for me. My furs are appreciating the heat.

Friday, February 6, 2015

seeing off the terrier

I was just taking Lynettea for her walkies down the street. It was twilight with a beautiful sunset, so Lynettea told me.
I was too busy checking the bushes and tyres to notice.
Then suddenly a girl crossed the street and started to walk towards us with a terrier dog. Lynettea shouted towards her that she had a cat and at first the girl didn't take any notice.
So we started to walk back towards our gate. Then, when we looked around, she had crossed back to the other side.
The terrier barked as they went past where I was standing, observing it from the our side of the road.
False bravado, I thought. But I have to make sure Lynettea is safe.

my day

I like to spend a lot of my time resting, but not necessarily in my cosy. I have many cosies through our place, or should I say my place. I don't want flashes in my face either.


Lynettea was just coming out of the bathroom. She looked at me and said, 'lf you have a legitimate complaint, I will give it full consideration.'
 What kind of answer is that?
I was disgusted. I waved my tail a couple of times and rolled my noisiest ball down the hallway.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I haven't thrown up since I reported it last, so Lynettea is hoping I am now okay.
She hasn't been very nice to me lately, shouting at me not to leap into the sink. And saying things like, 'I can't stand you jumping all over the bed while I make it,' and other stuff like that. Maybe she is stressed.
I try my best to help and usually I am appreciated.
I have woken up now after a morning's peaceful sleep and I am going out into my enclosure, even if it is hot. If Lynettea says something nice to me I will come back inside after a while. Tonight we will go out and I will let her walk up and down on the lead for a while. She might enjoy that and it might make her calm.