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Thursday, January 31, 2008


It must be the award season for me as I have received another award from Camie's Kitties , the 'You make my day award,' which is very generous of them. I pointed out to Lynettea the comment that I don't blog much, but she said, 'I am not getting into that discussion again, Diamond' She thinks I will sit all day on the computer visiting my friends if she let me. 'Why not?' I say. A cat has to have a social life. What makes her think she can be the only one to have friends. Most of the cats around here are too savage and unpleasant to be friends. They either want to attack me or to take over my house. Sometimes it is like living in a place under siege, with me dashing from window to window, always on the alert.
Wallis nearly got in a couple of days ago. Lynettea then wanted me to go out on my lead to, 'Have a game with your friend Wallis.' I let her know that I preferred to lie in my outside recliner scratching post with my lead dangling over the edge and watch her defend the gate for once. What do I keep a human for anyway. Lynettea said, 'Be careful Diamond, or you may lose the caring cat award!' You can't lose an award after it has been given to you though. Can you?
I am still trying to think of who hasn't received the Thinking Blogger Award, which was awarded to me by Snow and Forest a little while ago.
I am giving it to some cats who may have received it before.
House of the Mostly Black Cats who have a sick Mommy. That makes you think about how worrying it is to have your bean ill. I hope she gets a lot better soon. We are also awarding The Thinking Blogger Award to Anita in the Canary Islands. Because we think that a cat who can write a blog in Spanish and English deserves the award.
Take a look at the blog of the cats below:
Pretty Kittypuss Cat, Felix, Sascha, Lillipilli and Snuffly Benaut from Adelaide Daily Photo, South Australia. These cats help their humans run a blog which has lots of photos and information about where I live. I am awarding all these cats the Thinking Blogger Award too. I think this must make up my total. Enjoy the award kitties and try to pass it on to another five cats who run interesting blogs that make you think.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


It is Australia Day today. Happy Australia Day to all my readers, cat and human!
It is hot here and I haven't attended any celebrations. I am lying on the bed in the air conditioning and controlling Lynettea's fingers through my catelepathy. All you cat bloggers will know about this special skill.
Gypsy and Tasha, two kitties from Melbourne, have given me this very special and pretty award. Thank you! I like to look at it. I wonder if the green stuff is suitable for cats to eat. I like to get my teeth into a grass tussock occasionally.
There don't seem to be any special rules for this award and I am not sure who has already received it. I will pass it on to Daisy the Curly Cat, as I think we would all agree she is special, with all the modelling work she has. She must also be very tolerant of her human to do all that dress up stuff. Also we will pass it to Maus and Allegra who must be special, as they are Russian Blues and Sanjee and Gree who are looking after their Mom, as she isn't well. Maybe this will cheer her up. She can look at the pretty flowers.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Suitable Cat Quotes

I found these on the Internet and thought some of you other kitties might like to look at this very educational web page. Your beans might like to have a look too and it would be suitably educational for them.
Cat Quotes
I am also awarding the Caring Cat Award to Junior who is a very caring cat and loves his Meowm.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My first award from another Cat

Boy has very kindly awarded me the Bloggers of the World Award.
I will pass on this award to Maus and Allegra who are two Russian Blue cats like me and live in Germany and Yoggie who lives in Sweden and Gypsy and Tasha who live in Melbourne, Australia. Two more Australian cats Hooray! Now I will have to visit them all and tell them about their award. I will be busy!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Since I am not receiving any awards, Lynettea said 'Don't worry Diamond. I will make a special award for you and you can put it on your blog.' So here it is. My first award. Thank you Lynettea. It is pretty special to get an award from your human, don't you think?'
A happy day to all kitties. Enjoy yourselves wherever you are. Purrs and hugs from Diamond.
Lynettea says I can pass this award on to some other kitties we know are very caring, so I am sending it to Adan and to Boy who are both very loving kitties. I can tell this from the way they write in their blogs. Maybe I will send it to some other cats too later. What fun!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our weather

Lynettea helped me put a weather gadget on our page. I told her I was tired of telling my cat friends who visit that our weather was different. They are often freezing while I am boiling hot. Our weather gadget, that I found on Yoggie's blog will tell my visitors what it is like here. Which is 24 degrees C at the moment and very nice. 6.38 pm in the evening.
I think I need my food tray filled and must supervise the fish feeding now. I sometimes stand on the edge of the pond to see if every fish is getting his or her fair share.
It is good to see my cat friends visiting. Thank you for coming. I try to visit your blogs whenever I can.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Tragedy

Lynettea came home this afternoon to tell me some sad news. The dog called Monty from next door went to the Rainbow Bridge for dogs last Saturday. He was the dog that frightened me last week. Jai and Wallis, his owners, were very upset.
That is probably why Wallis was hiding in my ferns. He can't have been upset for long though, as he was pinching my catnip this morning.

The picture is of Wallis looking at me.
Jai ran away and was found in a distant
suburb. Jai is deaf and rather a sinewy looking Burmese. He tries to swat
me when I go out and tries to pounce on me. Lynettea is always trying to keep him from attacking me.
She says we must be tolerant of Jai, as other cats attack him. Personally I am not surprised. Wallis is sensible and stays inside at night. Jai runs around all over the place.
The bottom picture is of Wallis and Jai staring at me through the window.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby shower

This is the link to the special baby shower party for Kimo and Sabi's family
Join the Pink Ladies and the Cat Blogosphere here on January 12th for a live chat Baby Shower11am to 1pm Pacific Time (12am Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)
I am not sure if we will be able to go as it is very early on the morning of 13th January for us. It is already late on 12th January here. Anyway we will be sure to visit later on to see all the fun things.
Love from Diamond to Kimo and Sabi and all their human family. I hope the baby grows up well trained. At least she will have proper cat trainers at an early age, which is sure to help.

Friday, January 11, 2008

seven weird things about me

This will be hard, as I am such a normal cat. Lynettea will have to help me. This is a meme from ADAN
1. This is going to take a long time, as I am so normal. Maybe that is the weird thing number one.
2. I run my own blog. Humans think this is weird.
3. I am extremely nice and soft and fluffy (is this weird?).
4. I like to sit on the hot water service on a hot day. Humans think this is strange, so I put it down.
5. I enjoy a sponge down with water on a hot day. Lynettea says this makes me look like a half drowned rat. Not a nice thing to say. I would claw her, but as I am a nice cat, I can't.
6. Well we are getting there. When I want to hide I go up the top of the dresser where no-one can see me for hours. Lynettea has seen me now, so this is not working as well. She used to wonder where I had gone and run around outside looking for me in a panic.
7. I don't like large dogs sniffing at me. A large dog sniffed at me last week and now I won't go out the front at night. Lynettea says it wouldn't have hurt me, as this dog has two cats of its own. How can a dog have cats I ask you? I know these two cats have a dog. The cats are always coming in to my place. Today one was hiding under the ferns. I sat and watched it for a while, then we had to go inside, because Lynettea wanted to do something. She always wants to do something else, just when I have started to enjoy myself. I made her brush me after that, as I thought it would settle her down.