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Saturday, December 31, 2016

She Talks to Lizards

I was in bed this morning when Lynettea opened the front door to get the newspaper. She disturbed the lizard that had been sleeping between the door and the breeze blocker you can see in the photo.
I heard her talking to it. Does that mean she is mad? She was telling it to crawl on her hand so she could take it out.
The lizard was having none of that. It ran into a crack.
She is very persistent and managed to get it outside and onto the newspaper.
Then she took 'Mummy's lizard' into the garden where it 'could have a lovely life and not starve', according to what I could hear.
I thought she was my human mummy, not a lizard mum.
She was surprised I just kept lying there.
After this, I am wondering what the rest of the day will bring.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

My habits

I have decided to sleep all day and stay awake all night.
Lynettea asked me if there was something wrong with me, but it seems natural for me to do this.
She thinks it is very annoying.


Watching TV

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Waiting for the thunderstorm

Here I am waiting for the thunderstorm. One is forecast to arrive soon. My scratching post is covered with a plastic groundsheet, because rain may come through the hail holes in the roof over the pergola. Even though it is sheltered by the iron roof, the rain may sweep in.
I think I can hear thunder in the distance.

Shut in the Wardrobe: was it an accident?

Lynettea found me a short while ago sitting on her shoe storage boxes in the wardrobe. She couldn't find me anywhere, and so finally she opened the wardrobe door.
She said, 'There you are Sasha! Thank Goodness You Are There, because I thought you might have Gone Out.'
How could I go out, Pray?
'I looked for you everywhere.'
After you went out for lunch with a friend and then after you came back and had afternoon tea and sat talking for a couple of hours, you started to wonder where I was?
'I was in a panic, Sasha. I even looked in the garden for you!'
Why would I be outside? Everyone knows it has been bucketing down with rain all night and everywhere outside is sodden and now very hot and humid. My cardboard box under my bus seat is sodden and my cosy is wet.
'Where are you going now, Sasha? Underbed? Come out! Come out! I promise I will brush your furs and give you a big cuddlie!'
I will stay under here for a while now. Even if you shine the flashie torch at me. You will only see my back.
'Are you feeling sickie, Sasha? Come to Mummy, Sasha.'

Sasha stays under the bed.

Will he come out for dinner?
Is he feeling ill?
Is he really disgruntled at being in the wardrobe all day?
Does he still love me?

Rain through the holes the hail made in my roof

Last night most of my things had to come inside again, because rain fell in torrents and wind blew it. A plastic drape went over my big carpeted tray on a stalk, to protect it under the shelter. It was nice having somewhere different to go underneath as I pushed up the cat flap.
This morning Lynettea had to bucket water from The Pond, as the water was nearly at the top.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Listening to which music?

I am trying to rest in my cosy underbed, while Lynettea selects relaxing music for me on my music service.
I have my own player near my cosy, but not too near.
She tries flute music, then blues, then jazz. Then she types in some names. Medieval, not much there, then some composers.
Nothing satisfies her. I have switched to feline relaxation mode.
The morning passes.
Finally she settles on Chopin. She says her mother played Chopin on the piano.
I am vaguely aware of the nocturne playing. Did Chopin have cats? He should have.
I think I am dreaming. Even the camera flash only captures my back.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Thunder weather

After a hot and dry Christmas, we now have tropical weather.
I feel lethargic except when I am alerted by a sound. Maybe it is the toes of the turtledoves clicking across the pergola roof?
We had thunder when the rain came over and all my play equipment had to come inside again, as the roof is still full of hail holes.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

But I decided to come in

Even though we didn"t go for a walkies, I decided to come in for my Christmas dinner.
Lynettea said it was too hot for her to stand outside and if she gets sick, she might not be able to look after me to my usual requirements.

40 C degree Christmas

Am I silly, outside in the heat? Lynettea is inside with the airconditioner on. She said, 'There you are, Sasha. What are you doing outside. Come in.'
But I didn't.
I am thinking about it. Maybe she will take me for walkies first, as it is only 39 C and the sun may be sinking soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Seasons Greetings

Happy Celebrations to all Kitties and their Devoted Humans.

If you click on the image, it should biggify itself.

I have decided to tell Lynettea that I have enough toys to last me forever. What I want is for her to play with me and the toys. I like that. Sometimes we don't do that very often, because she is rushing around doing other things. Meanwhile, I need her attention. 
As for new expenses, I have all I need. I am going to give my gift money towards the welfare of looking after some stray and abandoned kitties and other creatures. Lynettea says she will do the same as her gift from me. 

Of course if I really need anything, I expect she will attempt to get it for me. 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In Hiding

Some very noisy men in bright yellow protective suits blew leaves all along our street this morning. They went up one side and down the other. They blew leaves under the cars to the centre of the road, but also swept a lot of dust into the air and onto the porch of our house.
I know this because Lynettea told me. She said I was very good to be still sitting in my cosy on the lounge under the front window while all of this was going on.
It was very noisy and dusty. Lynettea went outside to pick up the daily paper the Advertiser and was drenched with dust and bits of floating dry leaves. She rushed back in and shut the front door.
After that I had breakfast, my favourite, jelly style Royal Canin premium cat food.
Why is it called Canin when it is for cats?
It should be called Felin or Feline.
After all the excitement, I am now in hiding. Lynettea doesn't know where I am.  I am beaming my thought particles to her to enter on my blog. One of her friends visited this morning. Lynettea had requested me to sit on her friend's lap, as she said the friend had bad news and it would comfort her. But I didn't come out. I can't help people all the time. I need a life of my own.
I am not available for happy camera snaps this morning.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thoughts on Travelling

I saw the remarks the fish made on the Blog. They have a limited vision from their watery world and think of me as the Guardian, like a sort of Jedi knight, looking after their interests and watching over them. So they thought I had been sent away for special training.

I had a lot of time in that foreign place for quiet contemplation and reflection on my views in life. At first, I was very nervous among strangers. I could hear other cats who had come for the training, or holiday, or whatever you may like to call it, but I couldn't see any of them.

I had my own private apartment, with sleeping quarters upstairs and the kitchen/dining area below. The attendant was Pam, who the fish tell me was my human litter mother when I was an ignorant tiny kitten. I don't recall her, but she came up and patted me when she delivered my meals. She appeared quite calm and used to looking after the requirements of felines.

On the day of my return, after inspecting the unnecessary changes made to my property, I spent a considerable amount of time in regaining control over Lynettea. It doesn't take long for a human to get a bit uppity and start ordering you around. I sat on her for several hours, which made her more obedient. Of course I mean several hours in total at different intervals.

I ordered her to groom me, as my furs were full of loose fluff. I also told her that I did not appreciate her conduct of the last week. She doesn't take much in, unfortunately, being a fairly typical human and just made remarks like, 'Are you feeling alright, Sasha?' whenever I started to lecture her.

She hadn't even tidied my cosy under the bed, and it wasn't until late in the evening that she managed to sweep out the area. She had washed most of my bedding, so it didn't smell quite right. I have a lot of beds. She says it is, 'too many beds for the one cat!'

Friday, December 16, 2016

I am beginning to settle in. There is a lot of work to do now Lynettea has untidied everything. I am glad to be home to take charge. I think the fish have missed me, although they had already dived under their rock shelves when I checked on them. 
I spent some time telling Lynettea of my displeasure while she fixed water and food for me. 
My furs needed a lot of immediate brushing, as there were loose furs and I like to be well groomed. We sat for some time while Lynettea used the baby brush on my coat.
I have a better window perch and some high up perches along the kitchen wall that give me a different outlook. Before anything else it is time for a rest in my cosy.


Back home

You didn't need to bother building this new place for me, but now it is here I will use it.

Called home urgently

We think Sasha is being called home urgently to help organize Lynettea. His skills are needed to supervise her getting the house in order again. We are expecting he will be chauffered back by Pam, who has been kindly looking after him in her cat hotel.
Princess Aurora for The Pond Fish

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Will Sasha be home again?

We could see Lynettea carefully arranging all Sasha's equipment. We think he may be home tomorrow.
Princess Aurora.

News about Sasha from the Fish

WE just heard that Sasha will probably return tomorrow. WE hope he has learned to be a good and wise cat while he has been trained. WE think he probably needs more discipline . . .
But that is from our FISH point of view. WE hope he does not get annoyed at our entries on his BLOGGIE.

If anyone knows of any fish bloggers, we would like to meet them. We might be more encouraged to post on our blog if we had some blogging fish friends.

Princess Aurora for THE POND FISH.

A Report on Sasha

We fish have just received a report on Sasha. We thought we would post it on his bloggie to reassure his friends. WE ascertain that he is not being very social. We hope he is feeling alright in himself.

From the responsible human at his new place:

I have not seen much of him as he likes to hide as you know.  I just move things and  touch him and make sure he is well.  The food is being eaten and the litter box used.  He would be out at night, which is normal for them.  As you know he is in his pen, so that is where he would explore under cover of darkness.   

Where am I

The human who is feeding me is the one who helped force me into the cage.
The fish have sent me a message:
Princess Aurora for The Pond Fish: 'Honourable Sasha, you are at your birth place. Do you remember it from your days as a young kitty? Lynettea told us you had been taken there, as she thought she should explain your absence. Perhaps you have gone there for some difficult life-training and will come back to us (we hope) as a more learned Guardian.'

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I am not in this basket

Do not be misled by the photos. I am not in my usual places. I have to use these old photos because no-one here is intetested in taking my photo. They have other things to worry about than to bother with me or my blog.
This experience has made me realize that I am not the centre of the world. Too often, favourite kitties assume their dominant position will last forever. I must adjust to this new situation.

In happier times

The human who brings me my food told me that Lynettea had emailed today and been told I was eating. Nobody asked me if I was enjoying this new place. I wonder if someone would give my fur a brush if I requested it.
I would probably be told that this was not a hotel.
The fish said they would request Lynettea to ensure this went on my blog. I would like to be able to assure people that all was okay, but I cannot.
The fish said that Lynettea was too busy to miss me. She is dashing around  and there has been a lot of disruptive noise and drifting dust. They are thankful they have their Pond, which remains tranquil.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

some news from The Fish

The fish are trying to pass me some messages from their blog. They are not in contact with me either.
My friend Streak passed away suddenly soon after I was abducted.


another telepathic message

Lynettea hasn't phoned me, so I am not sure what is going on or if she knows where I am trapped. There are other cats here and there is a human allotted to feed me.

Monday, December 12, 2016

message beamed telepathically

I was seized from under the bed and uploaded to a cage. My legs extended wide to avoid being confined in the cage, but  were forced in by powerful arms. I was uploaded into a station wagon and abducted at high speed, covered by a blanket so I could not see where I was going.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


I am under my bus seat in my cool place. The sun is fierce, even though it is not a heatwave. My bus seat is sheltered by my artificial grass draped over it and has a nice cardboard apartment unit, with a cosy inside it. My mock fur rugs are on top, for when it is a bit cooler and I can lounge on them.
We went for a nice walkies this morning. Lynettea didn't mind how long we  stayed out and I really had to drag her in again.
She got another big plastic container from the shed and washed it.
I had a lot of cuddle time this morning, with Lynettea hugging me close. I bet she would miss me if I wasn't here. I need to be here to look after her and she needs to be here to serve me. My wants are simple and I also am a very lovable cat.
The house is getting untidy with things stacked here and there in the lounge room and bedroom. And I have to make a big leap for the windowsill to look out the kitchen window. It is rather inconvenient. I miaowed something about that to Lynettea, but she just shook her head.
She is not making much progress on cat language, although I try to make her practice every day.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

My things vanishing

My kitchen bookshelf was emptied and vanished up the street, to someone else's address. I don't think that neighbour even has a kitty to sit on it and look out the window.
I don't like change, particularly when it makes me uncomfortable.
I noticed a lot of the cupboard things have come out too.
Lynettea stopped me from chewing some nice corn flavoured packing material. It has a delicious soft succulent texture. I found some in a carton.
She threw it in the bin, saying, 'That may be bad for you, Sasha!'
So I went out into my enclosure, which is nice and sunny. At least it is not raining today.
And then she said something about 'being good for Aunty Pam'. What does that mean?

Something is going on

And I don't like it. I heard Lynettea talking to my human kitty mum, from when I was little. I couldn' t hear what she was saying properly. Something about picking me up. Lynettea knows I hate strangers picking me up. I am going back under the bed to think. It is dark and safe there.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Me relaxing

At last we find the right picture. Will it upload? A hopeful kitty.

Getting used to the technology

I think I need a younger human!!!

Relaxing after walkies

After a short walkies, I decide to bring Lynettea inside again. She can't expect me to be outside with her all the time.
Here I am, relaxing on the floor in my enclosure.
I would now like a serving of my jelly style food. I know humans think one should say please, but why should I thank her for serving me. After all, it gives her  so much pleasure.
I need to think of additional ways to keep her occupied.
This isn't the right photo, as Lynettea has mucked up the connection to the phone and this is all she can find.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sleeping on the Bed

Some kitties are allowed to sleep on the bed of their human. I am not  sure  that  it  is  fair  that  I  am  not.
Lynettea says that if I  were  not  so  big  and  I  could  keep  my  claws  retracted, she might consider it.
Maybe I might learn to keep my claws sheathed, but I  don't  want  to  make  myself  ill  by  going  on  a  diet  and  shrinking, particularly as I  am already slim and well proportioned.
Perhaps this is 'size discrimination'?
We exchanged a few comments on the subject at five am this morning. I  don't think she understood my miaows, as she shut the door and I  was forced to sleep on the lounge.
I am still there, lying in my cosy.

Monday, December 5, 2016

My enclosure restyled

Lynettea has started to watch some TV programs on design and decided  to restyle my enclosure so I could see out more easily.
Here I am in my basket near the birdbath.
The birdbath is outside the trellis.
My table is at a convenient height for me to supervise the visiting birds and I can see them from inside my basket without alarming them.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


I haven't been under the bed for five days, as you may have thought, if you read my last post. I have been waiting for the human to let me post. Sometimes I feel powerless.

This morning it rained. The weather forecast said it might rain at lunch time, so Lynettea was not prepared when she saw raindrops beginning to fall when  she went to the  window early in the morning.

 She had to rush out to bring in all my valuable equipment. The holes the hail  made in the suntuf roof are still there and some have grown larger and rain falls through.

The insurance company forgot to tell the person in charge of weather to switch off the rain.

My scratching posts and baskets and rugs are piled up in the laundry and kitchen, which is inconvenient. It is not easy for me to use them in untidy piles.

Has it stopped raining? It is very humid.
I have looked out the window and could not see raindrops, although the path is wet.
Will we go out?

Lynettea says I might not like to get my paws wet.