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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My work is never done! If I am not supervising Lynettea, which is most of my active time, then I try to supervise the fish. You can't see them, as they are in the pond below the picture. Sometimes I have to remind Lynettea that she needs to drop some crunchy food down for the fish, so they have a lot to thank me for. A Question: are fish capable of gratitude?
If the fish have sunk to the bottom of their pond or are hiding under their rock shelves (they are quite lazy and sleep a lot of the time), then I try to supervise the birds in the next door garden. That can be really trying and I hate it when they jump on the roof of my enclosure and scritch scritch across it with their claws. That is enough to try my patience. Scritch scritch and squawk, peep etc. Do you think birds have a language? Miaouw miaouw! It doesn't make much sense to me.