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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Lynettea told us she will call the new kitty Alexander, which will be Sasha for short. We hope the new kitten does not expire under the burden of this name. At least Sasha sounds friendly. We don't want the kitty to get big-headed and think he will push everyone or everyfish around, like a Czar or Alexander the Great. It has to be a Russian type name, Lynettea told us.
We still have no new photos. We feel a bit neglected, especially as most of our pond vegetation of the floating type has died off and our pond is now quite open again. If we want to be private we have to go under the rocks or the waterlily leaves. So there is plenty of opportunity for photoshoots if we had a willing photographer.
Instead she is busy photographing in the street. This was at a Kent Town Arts Festival. Were the animals having a good time? Who knows.
Giraffe behind the fence

Rhino in the street. There is someone playing music to keep it calm.
Lynettea says not to be silly, the animals are fibreglass. Well how do we know. We don't like being made fools of!!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Lynettea went to see the litter of kittens. They are now older and she says one of them will come to us in a few weeks. 'It will be a nice surprise for you,' she said to us. She took photos of the kittens and we managed to get a look at them, with the help of Diamond, we think. She was waving her smartphone at us over the pond. There was a little movie, but she doesn't know what to do with that, as she took it by accident. She is not at all skilful with the phone camera. She says she has only had it a couple of weeks and will get used to it. We will see.
The kittens look quite wild to us. We are nervous. The little girl kitten was quieter and we thought we would prefer that, but someone else has booked for a girl kitten. We hope the boy kittens will calm down before they arrive. We thought the sweet kittens might be better companions, but Lynettea said they were the same kittens looking deceptive.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for the nervous Pond Fish - Streak and Dart.
wild kittens

more wild activities of the wild kittens

energetic wild kitten (moves so fast it is blurry)

sweet kittens

girl kitten

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

mOLLY at the Rainbow Bridge

A lovely older kitty that belongs to a friend of Lynettea passed to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was all skin and bones and we hope she soon fattens up on the feasting at the Rainbow Bridge. Diamond will be there to look after her. This is an old photo of Molly that Lynettea took in 2006. Even then she was a quiet elderly cat.
 Her first human companion passed away many years ago and Lynettea's friend, who had been helping her elderly neighbour,  rescued Mollie from the empty garden, where she had stayed. Molly kept returning there from time to time until the house was demolished and other people moved in.
Lynettea was very sad for her friend. The friend has another three kitties, but losing Molly was a big blow for her. She isn't on the Internet, so her kitties can't have their own blog.

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) on behalf of The Pond Fish: Dart and Streak and Princess Aurora.

day's end
a cool autumn breeze
ruffles the fur