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Friday, July 23, 2010


I am on my heating pad on the bed most of the time lately. It is cold and gloomy. Just outside for a very brief walk to munch on a blade or two of grass and check my territory. Also to give Lynettea a little much needed exercise. She tells me she goes out for a walk by herself - but I don't know how much exercise she gets doing that.

All I know is that I prefer to keep WARM.

I noticed again that there are no kitties standing for Member of Parliament in the election (Australia), apart from the red haired kitty, that is. She looks lively enough. Lynettea says she isn't really a kitty, as she doesn't have enough fur. Now she tells me.

I am not prepared to stand for election, as I don't think I would like the travelling or standing around on drafty platforms in the COLD trying to answer foolish questions. Lynettea tells me kitties are not allowed to stand for Parliament. How can that be?