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Sunday, August 30, 2015

locked in

You would think that while they were sitting there watching television and chatting, they might have wondered where I was. No, I was not outside enjoying the sunshine on one of my shelves, or curled up in my outside cosy.
I was locked in the bathroom. Lynettea  was surprised to find me there after her friend had gone. She kept calling out, 'Sasha where are you?'
As I am resourceful, I  had pulled the towels on the floor and made a nest for a while. Otherwise I would have been cold.
It is cosier here on the lounge in my blanket.

A sometimes thing

Maybe Lynettea sometimes behaves like a Mummy to me and sometimes like an assistant. But I am not sure that a Mummy is a sometimes thing.
Sometimes she is very unhelpful.
These are my gazanias Lynettea planted for Diamond around my street tree many years ago. I like to sniff around the edges. Today there was a bee, but I didn't touch it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


When Lynettea put this blanket up against my back as I fell asleep, I wondered if I should call her 'Mummy'. When she took the flashy just now, I realized I didn't want to. Besides I am two and a half now. Maybe I should give up thoughts of having a Mummy.

morning has woken

 Will I get up or have a sleep in? The window is very bright. I think Lynettea pulled up the blind to take my photo, as the flashy was making my eyes flash. My eyes, she says, light up like little torches and ruin the photo, the photo being the most important thing to her. If I close my eyes, she complains about that. I think I will close them again and drift off ...

Unwelcome morning - too early
Notice my scarf, knitted for me by a friend.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Wild Thing

When night begins to fall, I feel a different spirit begin to come on me. This is my favourite time to go out. My other favourite time is when it is sunny outside on a cold day. Then I can climb up to a windowsill, or on top of the airconditioner unit and feel the sun warm my furs.
We went out this evening for a while. It was a bit of a nuisance taking Lynettea. She says she has to look after me. Ha Ha!!!
She looks up and down the street to check if any dogs are taking their humans out. Some humans are very dependant on their dogs. The dogs have to take them for walkies every day, or the  humans would get no exercise.
This evening I was just checking out the watertank next door when two dogs appeared. I quickly took Lynettea in and after the dogs had gone past we went out and saw them off down the street. The only dog Lynettea is not nervous of is Orla next door.
As we were chasing the  dogs, Lynettea said to me, 'Your tail is all bushed out like a fox, Sasha.'
Of course it was bushed out.
I am just about to have my nightly fur brushing before I go to bed.

Parsley for her dinner

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

checking the socks

I am now 'sock checker in chief'.
Why is Lynettea so late in putting the washing out to dry? It is after dark and
time to go to bed. I decide to help her out with sorting the socks.

Friday, August 21, 2015

a period of anxiety

Today I was anxious when my water fountain was cleaned. I am not used to seeing it waterless and it always makes me nervous.
After that we went for a walk and Lynettea was busy on the computer for too long. She was out all morning and I felt neglected.
Just now, I supervised the fish while they ate their dinners. As it was dark, the outside light shone right down into the water. I wonder if the fish get cold, swimming down there.
When I asked Lynettea, she said, 'you must be developing empathy, Sasha.'
What does that mean?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Helping: how far am I prepared to go?

Yesterday, I helped Lynettea by writing some of my thoughts in Japanese and letting her take them in to her Japanese class.
 Far from being grateful, she admitted to me that she had let the teacher think it was her work. One of the other students even remarked it would be a nice children's story. I am not sure if I should be offended by that.
Today Lynettea told me she might practice by giving me commands in Japanese. I don't think I will like this. She started by looking up something in Google translate and telling me not to sit on the bed. I found her accent difficult to understand and think she needs to practice (but not on me).
I always sit on the bed. Why should I get off?
Lynettea said, 'I am practicing negative constructions, Sasha.'

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Not Like Mitzi

I am not like Mitzi, who is the Devon Rex cat of one of Lynettea's friends. Mitzi would never dream of swatting at her human from the top of a bookcase, or hiding under the bed and darting out a paw to grab at her human's clothing. Mitzi is a very loving cat.
well, we are all different.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Big Day for the Pond Fish

Today was a big day for us. We had a water change in the pond. Not all the water was changed, maybe about half. Sasha had been telling Lynettea she had to do something, as the water was very high after all the rain we had and many of the plants were milling around under the water choking up all our swimming routes. When Lynettea saw there was some scum on the surface between the flotillas of duck weed, she told Sasha that she must do something.
Sasha wanted a nap after his walkies, so he was no help.
Here are some pictures of the refreshed pond. Our youngster Heart is in the first photo. Can you see the heart shape on his back? We have included photos of the duck weed, because we like it. I am in the third photo down.

Princess Aurora

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Slow Learning Process

Gradually Lynettea is learning that the human must follow the cat. It is hard for her to learn  this. The ever alert and sensitive cat needs to take charge. I suppose it is like the mother or father cat teaching a kitten to hunt. The kitten fancies she knows everything, but must be kept from danger. When we go outside, I   need  to  be  in  front.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tomato Soup

I was sampling the remnants of tomato soup on the soup mug, after Lynette had eaten the soup, when she said to me, 'Cats don't like tomato soup, Sasha. They don't eat tomato soup. It isn't good for them and they might get sick.'
She snatched the mug away from me and ran water into it from the tap.
How does she know that?
I went inside and lay on the sofa in the warm draft from the heater. But she won't let me alone. In she comes, staring at me.
'Oh there you are, Sasha!'
Why shouldn't I be here? It is a very sensible place to be.
'You have thrown your Peru bear on the floor and your woollen rug, Sasha. Look at them! Why have you done that?'
Silence is the best answer.
She puts the fleecy wool against me and I put out one arm to touch the softness, then I tuck my arm back in and curl up. Lynettea sits next to me. I am warm and cosy. I think I may nod off for a little while.

Monday, August 3, 2015


Am I  slothful? Lynettea says she can't believe how slothful I  have become. I am lying in my cosy because it  is  cold  and there  is a heated snugglesafe at the end of the  rugs. Who wouldn't  like  to  stay  and  relax here? She went outside and got on the bus  to go  to a  film  called  Mr Holmes that had no cats in it at all. Who is the foolish one, I might ask, if I wanted to  be  rude. Etiqette forces  me to remain silent. I shall groom myself instead and think of something nice.
One of my favourite times of day is when we walk up to the food plates together, with me brushing her legs to guide her. And the sound of the foil packet opening. I will think of that . . .

Sunday, August 2, 2015

much as usual

Things  are  going  on  here  much  as  usual, me  sitting  on  top  of  the  bookshelf  and  clawing  at  Lynettea  as  she  goes  past. She is getting  more  wary  and  ducks  her  head. Maybe it is a power struggle amd I will win. Now I hardly ever get  the  chance to look after my blog and she is rushing around. My furs grew back, or mostly back without a trip to the vet. That is good, because  I  don't like going there. It  is  cold  and  rainy  a  lot and I am staying indoors.