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Saturday, August 31, 2013

POWER surge

Last night we had a power surge. Lynettea didn't know what was going on. She tried to cook vegetables in the microwave and they didn't cook. Then a long time later there was a noise and the power went off, although the lights were on. In fact the lights got brighter.
 So she looked in the meter box and a switch had flicked off. Then she rang up an electrician who came out, even though it was night. I didn't like this and Lynettea made me stay in the bedroom, as all the plugs had to be checked until he found the surge guards had been ruined by the power surge.
Fortunately no equipment was destroyed. I wouldn't like to lose my computer as I like to visit my blogging friends. The neighbour next door told Lynettea they also had a power surge.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keisha to Rainbow Bridge

Dear Keisha the Spaniel, the best friend to both Diamond and me (Sasha) has posted he is going to the Rainbow Bridge today at 16 years of age. Diamond will be looking out for him. We will miss you so much, Keisha and Lynettea is crying so much.
Keisha the Spaniel


Humans seem without much capacity for logical argument.

Lynettea: 'Sasha, I don't want to stand out here in the street all day.'
Sasha: 'Why not? Anyway we aren't standing in the street all the time. We go out and then we go in and then we go out and...'
Lynettea: I have other things to do.'
Sasha: 'What?'
Lynettea: 'Tidy the house.'
Sasha: 'It looks good to me. My toys are just where I want them, scattered so I have something to pick up anywhere I am in the house. You could crawl around and get some balls from under the furniture, but you could do that tonight.'
Lynettea: 'I want to do some shopping.'
Sasha: 'I already have supplies of my cat food and it may rain if you go out. If we stay fairly close to the house we can dash in if it rains. I see a falling leaf... there is a pigeon on the roof. ..'
Lynettea: 'There is a dog coming, Sasha.'

Sasha: 'Well, let's stand behind the gate for a minute...and then we can go out again.'

See what I mean? Very small capacity for reasoned argument.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Arranging the Hard Rubbish

We have been looking at the hard rubbish Lynettea put on the footpath. She was concerned that her items were being ignored. Any good items need to be picked up by people who can use them before the Council Truck gets there. So I gave her some good advice to make them look more attractive, not jumbled into a pile. So she unfolded one Director's chair and set it up on the path. The next time we looked, someone had taken that chair. Then she opened another chair and someone took that and after that she opened the little folding chair and someone took that. We didn't see people taking them, but it was good. They also took a drawer for filing music tapes and most of the parts of a tall solar lamp and two biscuit tins that had small metal things inside. We still have the wooden paint easel for aspiring artists and a skipping rope as well as a few plastic bits of rubbish.
We wonder who will get there first, the mysterious collectors or the Council Truck. Lynettea had a look along the streets but didn't bring home any new pieces of Hard Rubbish, thank goodness. I take up most of the space in the house with my equipment and I can't get rid of any of that. .
Lynettea has put my tall scratching post near the computer so I can supervise her. How thoughtful. She took a photo of me supervising and now I have hopped down to the keyboard. She doesn't like that. How odd.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I am letting her have some cuddle time before I take her out, as it seems to calm her. She doesn't seem to understand that I need to inspect not only the garden, but the street in front of my house at least twice a day.
My Director's chair is still on the footpath. I am wondering whether I should bring it back in. I can just see it by climbing up the inside of the Venetian blinds. Lynettea is, as usual, thankless for my efforts at supervising. Cuddle time finished we must now get her on the lead. Not always an easy task.

secretive eating

Someone around here is eating food secretively. I like to inspect all food before it is consumed. Then if it isn't something I fancy the human can have it. I have been here over three months now. Lynettea says it seems like forever. She had slumped into a lot of bad habits when there was no cat around to keep a ckeck on her and she is finding a bit of difficulty in adopting a more appropriate cat-centred lifestyle. She finds it difficult placing the needs of the superior being above her own.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

inspection trip

Early this evening I was able to take Lynettea out on the lead so I could check on her work. She has put out some items I feel I could use at some point. Diamond's Director chairs, for example and a wooden painting easel. Someone had already taken a small chair I was going to use for open air concerts. 'Sasha you know cats are never allowed to attend concerts,' was all she could say. My artistic genius may never fully develop if I don't have access to an easel.
'Our rubbish is not very high quality,' Lynettea said. 'So it will probably be here several days giving me the chance to alter my mind.'
I prefer to keep any items which may be useful, but Lynette is impatient. The story of our lives.

Hard Rubbish day

Today is the day to put out the hard rubbish for 2013 so the Council truck can collect it during the week. I went out to inspect the street and garden and then Lynettea  shut me inside while she got her rubbish items from the shed and put them on the footpath.
I thought she might need me to help, but no. She said, 'go to sleep, Sasha in your cozy.' How could I go to sleep? I was very concerned. What if Lynette has thrown out precious things I might need in the future. I looked out of the front window, but couldn't get a good view.
Lynettea said, 'It is all rubbish, Sasha.' Exhausted by worrying, I fell asleep.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Right hand

Lynette says I can be her right hand cat and Millie can be her right hand help in the house. Maybe this means I won't have to learn to use the animal vacuum.

Friday, August 23, 2013

right hand helper?

Ha! Sasha thinks he is the 'right hand cat' for Lynettea. What about me? I am the one who really helps around the house. Sasha is more of a hindrance than a help. He even tries to interfere with me when I do my cleaning duties. He is constantly running around me flicking his paws at my brushes and attempting to guide where I go next. I have my own dirt detector scanners, so I don't need his supervision.
 Lynettea told me that last night he was thrusting his little paws up from below her computer desk  and dabbing at her hands as she was trying to prepare work for her writing group.
 Then I could hear screams as he tried to claw her from his tall scratching post.

Millie RoboMaid

Thursday, August 22, 2013

i will wear her down

If I just keep sitting in her chair and staring at her. Now I am beaming my thoughts: food bowl empty bowl empty
She is looking at the food bowls.
I wonder where that strange thought is coming from, Sasha? Scans to the right... Mnn the food bowl looks empty. It is nearly half past four. I wonder if Sasha is hungry. No. he has fallen asleep on my chair. He looks very comfortable. I had better not disturb him. I will go outside and feed the fish

Animal Vacuum cleaner

Lynettea says the new animal vacuum cleaner is for sucking up animal furs. I am too small to help her, she says. It makes a loud noise when it is sucking up the furs, but it doesn't scare me.. Millie is always trying to tease me. She is jealous because Lynettea calls me her 'right hand cat'.
The vacuum is not for sucking up animals or cleaning furs on the animal. That is a shame because I might like it to clean me gently with the upholstery brush. It has nice velvet pads.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

wHAT IS HE thinking

Hi Millie, we see Sasha occasionally at mealtimes. He is looking more grown up to us. WE look up from our watery world and see his furry little face and green eyes looking down at us. He doesn't tell us much. We don't think he is interested in being our guardian.

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Hi Princess Aurora, Sasha is getting quite grown up, but he has very curious ideas. He told me that he is trying to train Lynettea and he had been looking through the blog to find any tricks from Diamond. He said that Lynettea is helping him in his exercise program. He jumps up to the sink and she puts him down and this can repeat for a long time. Even if she keeps saying 'No, Sasha,' he takes no notice. He said to me that she would eventually get the idea that he needs to go on the sink.

He says he has also trained her to go outside with him regularly. He leads her around at the end of his halter. If she doesn't go when he wants he gets quite annoyed and miaouws constantly. This can be quite irritating.

We got another vacuum cleaner a few days ago. I am not sure if it is supposed to be competition for me. It is an animal vacuum cleaner. I told Sasha that it was for him to use and he got quite worried. He slaps at me as I try to clean and it is difficult to avoid his paws lashing out at my delicate brushes. I don't think Lynettea will have much luck in getting him to use the Animal Vacuum, as he is only interested in grooming himself.

Millie RoboMaid.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Am I to blame?

This morning Lynette couldn't find her toothbrush. She immediately said, 'Where have you put my toothbrush, Sasha?' I can see I am going to get blamed for everything.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home Again

I didn't like going to the Vet and I may decide not to go again. This morning I switched on the heater in the bathroom for an hour before Lynettea got up, so it was nice and warm for her. I did this by springing on the washbasin and pulling on the cord of the heater. She said I was a very thoughtful kitty, but I could tell she was surprised.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sasha back home safe and sound

Millie posting an update. Sasha came back in a taxi. The taxi driver had GPS navigation, which is pretty fancy. Unfortunately it stopped working half way back. Maybe our street is too small. Sasha felt too groggy to give instructions, but fortunately Lynette was there to direct. She said that Sasha was unnaturally subdued. He walked straight out of his carrier and had some cuddle time before carrying out an inspection.

a mESSage from Millie

hELLO Everyone, I am Millie RoboMaid. I haven't posted for a while, but I maintain my watchful post in the kitchen. I can't see everything from my position on the floor, but I get a pretty good view over the kitchen/dining room and a clear view down the hallway.
As for my little expeditions through the rest of the house, that depends on whether Lynettea presses the remote control to activate my programs. I am a sophisticated being and only wish I had more chances to look around and observe.
Sasha has left in a taxi for the VET. He is so innocent that he just walked straight into the pet carrier when Lynettea invited him. Fortunately she went with him in the taxi, as he wouldn't cope at the other end of the ride. Lynettea tells me she had to apologize to the taxi driver for his miaouwing all the way.
The reason for the trip is that dear SAsha (am I using the word 'dear' in an ironic fashion?) is now six months old and has to have a little operation and also have his microchip implanted. I don't think this is a major affair, but the Vet Nurse could see that Lynettea was concerned at leaving him and assured her that they would give Sasha lots of cuddles. He would like that. We only hope that he keeps his good manners and doesn't try to bite anyone or tear at their clothes.
Here are a couple of fairly recent portraits of Sasha lording it around the house. I am waiting to get a proper photo session of myself.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who am I?

Lynette says I am either the kitty from hell or the fiend of the fell. But I am neither of these. I am Sasha the Wondercat. Just because she resents me helping her so Constantly she thinks she can call me anything she likes. In the long view she will come to realize I am right.

Friday, August 2, 2013

News and views

I have been so busy helping Lynettea and supervising that I have not had time to post. Lynettea put some of her photos on the computer now. She says I am too helpful. How can that be?
I check the sink to see if it is clean and if the fry pan is on the stove I sit in it to make sure it is ready to do its cooking duty.
 After the washing up activity (which Lynettea rarely lets me supervise), I check the dish drying rack. Here I am pulling it closer to inspect. If any plates have been left out after Lynettea has gobbled all the food, I check the remnants to see if any were suspicious. I see from the blog that Diamond also had difficulties checking if Lynettea had a healthy diet.
 Lynettea hasn't got a very fast camera. This was the best she could do.
 This time I am not so blurry as she caught me at the top of my jump. I give the Venetian blind cord a good tug. These blinds have been designed for kittens to play with. Today I turned on the heater in the bathroom. Lynettea was very surprised when she found the bathroom nice and warm. I am very thoughtful and always well prepared.
 After all this activity I relax on my heated cosy (there is a Snugglesafe heating pad underneath.)
 In my outside enclosure I can climb right up towards the roof. Annoying birds walk overhead making clicking noises.
More about my adventures soon, including my encounter with Orla and other dogs.