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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cruising on the Murray

Lynettea may have been too busy to let me post on my blog, but she wasn't too busy to leave me here all day and go on a cruise on the Murray River at Mannum.
She showed me her pictures that she took. This one looks nice and cool and there are some houseboats on the bank. I don't know if any cats live in them. Lynettea said she didn't see any, but she is not as observant as I am.
She said the river is very low and they had to walk on a special plank down about two metres to get on the boat. Apparently there isn't much water because other people upstream have it and don't want to let it go downstream. How mean are they! Because the swampy edges have dried out there are hardly any birds around the river at that place now.

I will have to hope it rains, although I am not personally keen on rain. I guess I can stay indoors if it rains one day or two. Lynettea says 'Don't be silly Diamond, the world doesn't run to your order.' Well I was only trying to be helpful! I like other beings to have a fair go, even if they are birds.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

not able to blog

I haven't been able to blog because Lynettea has been too busy and shooing me away from the computer. I have only managed to get on now because she has her back turned.
I have been concerned about Wallis and Jai, who vanished, but they are back now. They don't seem as aggressive. Maybe they were in a cat reform centre. It was nice to be able to walk in my garden without territorial struggles with other cats.
In case anyone is concerned I am well. I went to 'my vet' for some jabs. Lynettea accompanied me in the taxi as my bodyguard. As I am a special cat, I have a bodyguard whenever I am outside.
I don't find this vet as annoying as the other one. I think he likes me better than the other one does. I let him jab the needles into me without flinching, although I had to grit my teeth.
There were a lot of dogs at the vet and one came up and sniffed at me in my carrier. Some children looked at me and admired my fur, which must have looked very attractive. I always have attractive fur. I take care of my coat and also have a lot of brushing.