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Monday, September 21, 2009

Miaouw Miaouw and last Miaouw for a few days

I promised Diamond that I would at least put in his last two blog entries for him, as he had to leave a bit earlier than expected for his holiday. He will have some exciting news on his return.
Reflections on Miaouw
This morning I am meditating on the number of ways to say 'miaouw'. The Eskimos, as is well known, have a lot of words (50) for different types of snow, depending on how crunchy, soft, new or old etc that it is. Imagine only having fifty words for miaouw. 'Miaouw' is a whole lexicon of words in itself. Of course human languages have made no attempt to translate these meanings or even attempt to spell them correctly. Similarly, we are forced to use computer keyboards unsuited to our paws. I am hoping that Lynettea will buy a computer adapted to miaouw signals. She says that there isn't one. "and what would that be, Diamond," she says, "a miaouwputer?" Very funny .....miaouwwwwww.
Last miaouw for a few days
Apparently my little sister Katinka has invited me to stay for a few days. Since I hardly know Katinka and last time I stayed I barely saw her, I thought I would decline the invitation, but Lynettea has already arranged it as a special surprise for me. Katinka is sending her human to fetch me this afternoon. Last time I stayed with Katinka there were a lot of other cats visiting, so I don't think she was really pining for my company. Lynettea has packed a bag for me to take. She says she has to go away for a few days to a haiku conference in Terrigal. I hope she doesn't get worn out, as I will need plenty of attention when I get home again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

More strange human activities

An entry from my notebook. I get so little time on the computer that this is getting out of date.

Today I had to hide under my bed for a while, as humans were climbing on the roof of the house banging and making thunderous tramping noises. It is quite cozy under my bed, as the bedspread hangs down to the floor and I think of it as an ancestral cave. As I close my eyes, I can feel the comforting presence of ‘ancient cat’ all around me.

After a while, I came out and sat on the bed. Lynettea said, ‘Diamond, we now have solar panels,’ and we had to stand in front of the meter looking at the panel to see if it was making energy. I got bored pretty quickly I must admit, so went over to sample a bit of my clump of couch grass and see if there were any lizards hiding near the fence.

It has been so cloudy in the winter since this notebook entry that we haven't made much energy. We had to wait a long time for the electricity people to put on a meter so they could pay us for the energy. Now we have to look at it constantly when the sun is out. I am not sure why Lynettea has to check it all the time. At least she doesn't climb on the roof to check the solar panels. I could do that for her, but I don't suppose she will let me. She still thinks of me as 'Mummy's little kitteh' and not as a grown up responsible cat.