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Monday, November 16, 2015

Do you think She wants to be a cat?

I have more fun. I chase the fly around the room, leaping up high onto cabinets, knocking aside ornaments, balancing on slippery wooden slopes. I bolt down the corridor. I spring up the hanging. I am strong, I am invincible, I am young and in my prime.
Of course she wants to be a cat. Why did I never think of that before.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

am I useless?

I sit around or lie around while she does the housework and hunts in the supermarket for our foods. Am I useless?
Yesterday I sat for a while in the garden under the crab apple tree. This is a nice place to sit, as it is in the corner of the garden near the fence and it has sheltered, shady and soft places to sit, where one cannot be seen.
I stayed there for a long time, resting and even drowsing.
Then Lynettea came out calling for me. Apparently I am not supposed to go out there by myself. That shows how much notice she was taking of me. Then she decided to put my halter on and said she would sit out in the garden with me.
I ask you!
I decided to go in and headed straight for my snacks. As you may have gathered, I was locked out.
We had an inspection walk in the evening down the street. A dog came past and I gazed at it through my picket gate.
Its human said the dog was frightened of cats. It was cringing when it saw me, although I am not at all intimidating.
In fact I am a gentle and loving cat.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I am bolting all over the house tonight. Lynettea says I am over excited. What does that mean? I leaped from the top shelf of the bookcase onto my tall scratching post and it tipped over 'dangerously' before it rocked back. Never mind, I was already on the floor, rushing down the corridor, knocking off cushions.
Oh! Lynettea has just discovered what I am running after. A fly dashed in front of the computer screen buzzing furiously. She thinks maybe I succeeded in batting it with my paws.
I am looking behind the blind now to see if I can relocate it. Is that a shadow. Now she is telling me off because I can't find it. I push at the blind again. Now I hook my paw between the slats. No fly.
Back on the floor, I stalk around the fallen cushions. Then I am on the alert again, sitting on the sofa.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Sad Announcement

A little while ago, Lynettea's great niece in Queensland sent some photos of one of Diamond's oldest friends, who had recently travelled to the Rainbow Bridge, at the age of twenty, which is a great age for a cat. We are very sad for his human family.
Sanka was older than Lynettea's great niece. He was her guardian for the whole of her life and the companion of her mother from when he was a kitten.
 Lynettea met Sanka when he was younger and thought he was a lovely cat. Sanka wrote some letters to Diamond about his life and Diamond wrote some messages in return. Those were the days when a lot of messages went by snail mail rather than email.
Sanka even sent a drawing of his paw to Diamond and a beautiful pencil portrait that we have hanging on the wall. The drawing was by Lynettea's great niece.
Such a long and generous life is worth celebrating, so we are posting the pictures here.