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Monday, October 31, 2011

Medicine on a little spoon

Lynettea says she is about to give me my medicine on a little spoon. I am looking at my little red striped toiletries bag and purring. My bag has my Catlax, my brush and my new Arthur medicine. I think she had better hurry up while I am still purring. I am about to dissect the packet. Hurry up! Hurry up and where is my plate of chicky chicky.
What I really like is smorgasbord. A plate of dried food with at least two choices ( I can eat one and leave the other until desperate), a plate of fresh chicken (preferably fresh and hot from the chicken shop) and some of my foil packed kidney food (I like to lick that all over and Lynettea can throw out the dried remains).
Well she is a slow coach - I have knocked my toiletries bag to the floor and also my Arthur packet.
She will have to look after me now.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Arthur right us

Is what the vet says I have. It sounds silly. arthur wrong us. arthurwrongus. I am not sure who arthur is. Maybe he came to visit when I was quite young and don't remember, although, in spite of what Lynettea thinks, I have an exceptionally good memory.
I have to take some medicine squirted with a plunger, which is quite difficult for Lynettea. Although my Vet carefully showed her how to do it twice (as it is very important and affects ME ME ME) she still isn't very good. I don't like having my mouth jerked open, but the taste is quite nice.

She needs to go to the chicken shop very shortly.

'You are developing quite a nasty miaouw' she said to me this afternoon.

And that was after I had sat on her lap to make her feel wanted. Maybe I will go to sleep now and let her wake me gently to brush my fur and feed me a few tidbits. A nice dream.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling a bit droopy

I was sitting on the external hard drive and on the tray table and feeling a bit droopy ...

Lynettea didn't seem to want to nurse me and she put me on the floor when I tried to use the keyboard. so I am sitting on some of the papers and feeling a little bit sleepy and droopy or dropy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jumping and missing

Posted by Lynettea
Diamond seems to be jumping up and missing his footing. Sometimes he falls off things. A few nights ago he fell out of bed twice and last night he fell from the bedside chest of drawers. I put a basket for him to sleep on the floor beside the bed and he went there for a while. I think I will take him to his medical practitioner for a check.

Diamond: I saw that. She thinks I don't know what 'medical practitioner' means. I am having trouble getting her to let me at the computer lately. Sometimes I sit on the external hard drive for ages staring at her. You would think she would get the message.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I think I have put on some weight

As Lynettea has often been running to the chicken shop to get a hot chicken wing quarter for me.
The people at the shop at the end of our street know it is for me and they select the best one. They are very interested in how much I eat and how I like it. I am eating a whole chicken quarter every two days.
On the day when I am finishing off the chicken quarter from the previous day I also eat a foil packet of my kidney diet food and pick at some of my kidney diet and teeth crunchies.
Lynettea keeps shifting my plate and looking at me while I am eating. I have no privacy nowadays.
The weather is getting hot and my fur is moulting. Russian cats have  a lot of underfur. Lynettea has to brush me a lot to get rid of the loose fur.
So that is my life. Not so fascinating perhaps.
I sit on the external hard drive to meditate. That is quite difficult, as I have to gather in my paws and sit quite still. Maybe I am meditating and maybe I am half asleep. Lynettea doesn't know and I am not about to tell her.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brief note on Chicken

Living in a strict Vegetarian household is not easy. On Sunday a friend of Lynettea's came round bringing her lunch and brought me a new smell sensation. I am choosy with my foods and Lynettea buys me special Vet type food for my kidneys and my teeth.
I sniffed a most savoury smell and tried to get a bit closer. I was in a frenzy of anticipation as she took off the cover. Lynettea tried to make me stay inside, but I managed to get around the door, as I am still quite agile and her friend said not to bother, as she didn't mind  if I sat close to her while she was eating.

After she had finished her food there was still quite a bit left and she offered me a a few pieces. Delicious, savoury. I seized a large chunk and bolted it down with a few chews. So she decided to leave me the rest of the chicken.

The next day Lynettea went down to the chicken shop (what a nice kind of shop - I would like to go there) and brought me back a quarter chicken. As soon as she opened the packet I tore into it, devouring large chunks. It may be my favourite food.

Just in case you are wondering about my strict diet, my Vet recently said to Lynettea that I should eat anything I liked, as I needed to put on more weight.