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Friday, November 30, 2018

Hunting disaster

I am now not even allowed to hunt dead birds.
A couple of days ago I found a dead sparrow near the side gate. Lynettea dragged me away before I could examine it properly. We had to go inside very suddenly and then she rushed out. When we went out again the next day for her walkies, the bird had moved. Maybe it wasn't dead? Impossible.
I sniffed around to try to locate it. No luck. A mystery.
Today I am checking in the garden bed and suddenly I find the dead sparrow resting  under the violets.  Anxious to examine it properly, I pick it up and jump to the footpath.
No luck.
'Drop that, Sasha!' she says. Then we have to go in again.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sheer frustration

I have been thinking about career options.
'Oh. You have been thinking, Sasha. I don't like the sound of that.'
My preferred choices are:
1. Hunting
2. Mountaineering
3. Exploring new lands

'That is a concern, Sasha. What about me? And we go out for walkies every day. You don't want to stay out long and we have to come in whenever you see someone coming.  How would you cope?'
Well I suppose you could come if you wanted. I find it irritating having to look after you all the time. And you always stop me hunting.
'I have to think of the birds and lizards,  Sasha.'
Birds and lizards! What about me!
'You nearly fell off your upstairs runway yesterday trying to grab a bird on the roof. What if you had fallen?'
If you didn't have shadecloth over the top we could have had a dove for lunch.
'I don't eat doves, Sasha. You have plenty of cat food. Eat that.'

Well no use discussing it with her. Television is a poor substitute.


The weather is a bit cooler at night, so I am snuggled in my scarf.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Good Morning Kitties

It is going to be a hot day where I live.
I wake up and start grooming. My pillowcase is a bit rumpled where I have pushed it aside.  Bear is nearby snuggled up in my fluffy scarf.
I am ready for the day.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

I need my beauty sleep

I spent the night patrolling the house and staring out the window for intruders in the garden.
Now I need my beauty sleep.
Please stop patting.  I will give you some cuddlie later in the day and even take you out for walkies if you are good.

Sasha having his beauty sleep

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I have my own special setup under the bed. The mock fur bedspread hangs down to the floor, so it is cosy and well protected. I have a special nook with a velvet cosy and a carpet square.
If people that I don't know come into the house I silently retreat underbed until I am confident. 
If any tradesmen arrive Lynettea shuts the bedroom door so I can feel comfortable.
This morning an electrician came to look at a flickering light and I am still resting underbed,  even though he has gone. I think I will stay here for a while. It is snugly and I feel safe.

Me on top of the bed

Monday, November 5, 2018


This is late news and we are all safe, including the fish.
We had thunderstorms all night several nights ago.  Before she shut the bedroom door, with me in my lounge as usual,  Lynettea said she could hear the thunder,  but I was not to worry.
'If I hear any loud noise, I will come straight out and look after you, Sasha,' she said. ' It is only distant thunder, don't worry.'
Around 2 am there was a lot of lightning and thunder crashing over the house.
I heard the bedroom door open and her feeble voice saying 'Sasha, Sasha'.
Fully alert, I sprang to the rescue. I dashed straight in and gave her a big cuddlie. Soon she wasn't frightened any more. I got her to sit on the lounge while I went out to check on my play area outside. Fortunately,  no hailstones and the roof was intact.
I ask you, what would she do without me?

Sasha to the rescue, once again!