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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Night walk

Here is a picture of my lemongrass. You can see it behind the birdbath.

We ran down the street tonight and I stopped in front of a place to look through the security screen door. It was after dark (about 6.45 pm). Lynettea was gazing into space as usual when she heard someone from the house. It was one of her elderly neighbours who had spotted her from the hallway. They thought something bad had happened to her and then they couldn't find the door key of the security screen door. They couldn't see me down on the street as they have a solid fence.

I didn't want to stay, but Lynettea felt she had to reassure them that everything was alright, I was just taking her for her usual walk at night. Lynettea's friend Gloria said she didn't think it was a good idea to be out after dark. They probably don't realize that Lynettea has me to defend us. Then they said their stove had suddenly seized up and they were trying to investigate what had gone wrong while they were trying to cook dinner.

Thank goodness I don't have to rely on a stove to cook my dinner. I get too hungry.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


For those of you who are wondering, I now have a new halter and lead. I haven't got a picture of it yet. Lynettea will have to take one for me. The old lead is still stuck in the fence. Lynettea isn't letting me run around anywhere now. She stays very close by. At least she can make herself useful if I need anything, but I don't think I will get another chance to jump on the fence. At least that is what she says.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Junior just said I was lucky to go outside. Well today I am in disgrace. Lynettea said she is disgusted with me. She trusted me to walk around a little on my lead by myself and I took the opportunity to climb the trellis before she could catch me. (She had to almost get on all fours to climb under the bough of the quince tree, which is dragged right down by a heavy load of ripe fruit.)

Meanwhile I had scrambled from the trellis - you can see it in the picture below, onto the top of the paling fence and I was enjoying myself clambering along the top rail looking at the scenery in the next yard. Lynettea couldn't grab me, as I moved along rather briskly, so she ran next door into the neighbour's yard. The neighbour came out too. By this time I had turned around and was heading back along the fence when I got stuck. I dragged and dragged at my halter, but the lead was wedged and held me tight.

Lynettea tried to reach me, but she couldn't, as she is too short, so the neighbour tried, but she was also too short! Then Lynettea climbed onto the neighbour's cane chair, but although she could reach me she thought she might fall off if she grabbed me. So she got down again. I kept on tugging at the lead. At this point the neighbour sensibly suggested she UNCLIP THE HALTER AND THE LEAD! From then on it was a clear go for me and I jumped off the fence straight away and went inside.

Lynettea was quite annoyed that the lead was still stuck in the fence. She took her ladder next door and the neighbour tried to poke it from our place with some grasping instrument, but they both failed to dislodge it, so they sat down and had a cup of Chinese tea while the neighbour did the crossword in our newspaper and Lynettea did the Sudoku.

What a fuss about a silly old halter! I didn't want to wear it anyway!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Me enjoying a grass snack

I thought my kitty friends might like to see my grass. I have other grass growing in the garden.
This clump was in my enclosure until recently. Lynettea thought it was looking a bit the worse for wear and she cut it back and took it outside to regenerate. It is now regenerated so much that I need to eat it quite frequently to stop it taking over like a Triffid. Lynettea said she will cut it back, don't worry. You can see my halter draped loosely around me. It is a refreshing red colour that shows off my pretty blue-grey fur. Notice my sharp teeth. I will post some of my other grass pictures later.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

a senior cat (for Jake and Bathsheba)

This is a picture of a senior cat enjoying the sunshine. Mollie is a cat that Lynettea knows. You can see how her ears are pricked up even though she looks somnolent. I thought you might enjoy one of my poems, tapped by my own paws.

One of my cat haiku

afternoon nap
awake at the first
stir of a lizard