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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where are Wallis and Jai?

I have sniffed at all the places they usually rub against, plastering their objectionable scents all over my trees, bushes, grass and the sides of my enclosure. It has rained a fair bit, so maybe their stinks have washed off.

Meanwhile I am enjoying cozying up to my heated wheatbag. Lynettea bought a new lavender scented wheatbag for me. I am not sure if I like it. We now have three wheatbags, so Lynettea can use one if she has an ache or pain. I am sure she only thought of that because I was using the only wheatbag.

Humans tend to feel sorry for themselves, I notice, when really all they need is a bit of sympathy. A few head butts or a lap-nestle soon makes Lynettea perk up. She perks up more when I stand in front of the television too.

We watched one of my favourite movies this morning, Harry and Tonto. Lynettea discovered she had a copy of it on her DVD recorder. I have many favourite parts in this movie. Tonto is so caring of Harry and keeps Harry so mentally stimulated that he is an example to everycat.


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

It is pretty easy to make humans smile isn't it?


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yes, scents do wash away. It's sort of sad you know because then you don't get to smell them any more.

You are very lucky to have your own heated bag. I wish I had stuff like that!

Daisy said...

I wonder where Wallis and Jai are, also!

Beethoven said...

Lavender scented wheatbag! Cool!

The Crew said...

What's a wheatbag? Is that like a hot water bottle 'cept not filled with water?

Your friend

Lux said...

That heated wheatbag sounds intriguing - maybe we should get some of those ... ?

Diamond said...

Several of you have asked about the wheatbag. It is a bag of material filled with wheat grains. You heat it in the microwave for a short time before placing it carefully next to the cat. Tell your beans this. Especially about placing it near the cat, as they will otherwise tend to use the wheatbag for their own themselves. Lynettea bought the wheatbags at the pharmacist shop.