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Saturday, January 3, 2015

fire crews coming from NSW tomorrow

But at the moment it is just up to SA fire crews. In the south east of the State crews from Victoria are helping. It is now nearly 13:00 on Saturday Jan 3. The time thing on the blog is different from our time. I have got up now and am sitting on the kitchen table listening to the radio.

In one town, at least, Gumeracha,  residents have been told it is too late for them to leave and they will have to stay to defend their homes. Hopefully everyone is safe.

These fires are completely out of control right now and it is very difficult to do anything about them. People are warned that they will be killed by exposure to the radiant heat before they ever see the flames. It is difficult to see anything because of the smoke ahead of the fires, which are burning outward in all directions.
Apparently the fire was started by someone's incinerator. Unbelievable that someone in an area like that could do something so dangerous.
Community centres and various churches are taking in refugees from the fires. So far no lives lost. People fleeing the fires could be incinerated in their cars, which is why they are being advised to stay in their homes when the roads to escape have become too dangerous.
Rain is now falling from thunderstorms in some places. Elsewhere it is still dry.
The winds are changing, but some of the fires may burn on for weeks.
The Fire Services are advising people to leave several towns before it is too late. Roads are blocked so people can't go into the fire areas.

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Summer at said...

The firestorms you get over there are truly frightening! I'm purring for all the people in the affected areas, and the animals and I hope everyone does what they need to do to stay safe.