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Monday, January 12, 2015


Yesterday evening we went out for a nice Walkies. I found a lizard in a dark place of plants by the house wall. Then I took it inside to my enclosure. Lynettea was forced to run in with me, as I had her firmly on the lead. She said, 'I am looking forward to getting my dinner, Sasha.'
Then she noticed I had something in my mouthie. I dropped it.
'NAUGHTY SASHA! What have you got there?'
Well it ran off under the roll holder for the garden hose. There was something small on the ground. Very tiny and wriggling.
'The poor thing has had to drop its tail. NAUGHTY SASHA.' And she picked me up and put me inside and shut the door. When I got back outside again there was no sign of the tail or the lizard. I waited a long time, but didn't find it.
I had to eat my usual dinner.


Summer at said...

Sasha, that is SO not fair, and not naughty at all! I'm impressed. How disappointing that you did not get to keep it.

meowmeowmans said...

But WHY did Lynettea not let you keep it, Sasha? What a shame!