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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lizard Visitor

Lynettea sees me close to the front door when she finally gets up today.
'What are you doing there, Sasha?' She peers at me.
'Is something wrong, Sasha? Are you looking at something under the door?'
Then she goes away.
Ten minutes later.
'Where are you, Sasha? Oh. Still sitting near the door.. What are you looking at, Sasha?'
Then she picks me up.
'Why are you wriggling, Sasha. Oh no! Leave that alone!'
Then I get carried into the bedroom and FLUNG onto the bed while she rushes out and closes the door. I can hear her on the other side.
'Little lizard, crawl onto my hand. There you go. You'll be safe with me. Dear little lizard. I'll take you outside now and put you where you'll be safe.'
Door makes a sound of opening. Not the bedroom door.
'You can come out now, Sasha. I've put the dear little lizard into the nasturtiums. He is quite safe now.'
I pretend not to be disgruntled and rush around looking, but there is no trace of our visitor.


The Whiskeratti said...

Yup, Moms like to ruin our fun, no doubt about that.

Summer at said...

Oh, you were SO cheated, Sasha!