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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

we need to go to bed

We need to go to bed. It is dark and the rain is falling. There is no moon to be seen behind the dark bank of clouds. It is after midnight, cold, windy and we need to go to bed. It is time to give me a brush and cuddle and settle me in my heated cosy on the couch. MIAOUW MIAOUW MIAOUW


Angel Keisha said...

A heated cosy sounds like a good way to snuggle!

Summer at said...

It rained here too today! Well, okay, it was a little sprinkle, but that's more than we usually get over here! Best of all, it happened while my human was out on a walk. Ha-ha!

Pretinha said...

Sasha parece uma noite ótima para ir para cama mais cedo.

Mr Puddy said...

Are you still in Winter ?
Here, it's Spring now but we have a really windy days. I couldn't go out because I don't wanna gone with da wind ;)
Have a great week