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Friday, September 19, 2014

sink jumping

We rounded off the day with a short session of sink jumping. That is, I jumped in the sink, because Lynettea is no good at all at this sport.
She hasn't worked out the psychology of it.
So, the end of a cold day, a  spatter of rain and my Snugglesafe heating pad dinging in the microwave to show it is ready.
Off to bed.


Summer at said...

I love sink jumping too! I have NO idea why my human does not approve.

Pretinha said...

Querida Sasha nós também gostamos de pular na pia, mas nossa humana não gosta de nossas digitais espalhadas pelo chão, mas nós continuamos assim mesmo hehehe

Angel Keisha said...

Wow, that must be fun! I used to jump on the couch.