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Monday, August 25, 2014


resting      paws gathered together


Katnip Lounge said...

So nice and tidy.

Summer at said...

Hi Sasha! You look very peaceful so I'll try to be quiet. I'm Summer, and I've inherited Sparkle's blog. My human wants to thank you for your kind words in your blog post remembering her. She still misses Sparkle lots.

Sasha said...

Hi Katnip lounge and Summer. I am awake now.

Fur Everywhere said...

That looks like a really comfy place for a rest.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We'll just tippy toe away so we don't disturb you Sascha.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Hannah and Lucy said...

We're sure you'd be able to sleep better Sascha if the flashy box was put away.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

meowmeowmans said...

Looking mighty comfortable, Sasha. Have a nice snooze.