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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

my adventurous day

The day had come around again for my WEIGHT to be checked at the vet. I was asleep in my furry hideaway under the throw over the lounge, when Lynettea called me out.
At first I was drowsy and not fully alert, but when I saw the cat carrier I ran back into my hollow and hid, burrowing deep into the fur. Lynettea said I was being a sook. She wants me to face up to the harsh reality of the world.
She tunnelled under the throw, dragged me out, and tried to put me in the carrier from the top. So I spread out my long legs to the sides, which made me too wide to go into the carrier. She was very disappointed, especially as the taxi was about to arrive. So she cuddled me and wrapped her arms so my legs couldn't spread out properly and then I was in the carrier, unable to escape. I screamed out for my friends to come and help me while we waited on the porch, but no-one came. Perhaps they hadn't heard my cry for help.
My vet was  nice to me, but he took my temperature, which was not pleasant. I tried not to wriggle on the scales. He said my weight was the same, but he was happy with me.
After we got home I took Lynettea on my inspection of the fence line and a large rat bared its teeth at me and hissed from a hole in the fence.
Lynettea pulled me back.
'I don't want you getting bitten, Sasha,' she said.
Then she rang the neighbours, who came and stared at the hole, which is going under their shed. They put a trap there.
It would be easier if I waited for the rat to come out.
I am not a cuddle puss.


The Florida Furkids said...

We know you could have handled that rat but it was smarter not to!!! We're glad your VET appointment went well!!

The Florida Furkids

Angel Keisha said...

I am glad u are okay. The v-e-t can be a scary place. Lots of naps should help.

Happy New Year!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We're pleased to see your vet appointment went well so have a long nap and try to forget all about it.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Whiskeratti said...

Of course you are not a cuddle puss! You're a big strong mancat. Your Mom should let you deal with that nasty rat. Not that ours would have either.

Summer at said...

Clearly, Sasha, you are deeply misunderstood!