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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where's Mitzi Now?

Lynettea came home late in the afternoon after being out all day.
Even from afar I could sniff out something wrong. While she slumped down in a chair before getting my evening meal, I could at once detect foreign scents on her.
'Oh Sasha, it's good to be home,' she said. 'Mitzi is a nice little cat ... ouch!! Why did you stick your claw in me?'
Mitzi may be a nice little cat. But where is she now? Your faithful and neglected feline has been waiting all day. Where is my dinner?
Yes, shrink away from my justice. I can also smell the scent of two dogs on you, a poodle and a cockerspaniel. Faithless human!


The Whiskeratti said...

GASP! How rude she was! Our 'rents have no sense of decency.

Summer at said...

My human touches other kitties all the time too! The last time I didn't mind because she was brining toys from the Santa Kitty Toy Hop to rescue cats.